Robyn Wilk | South Florida

Branch Leader

Robyn Wilk is the leader of the South Florida branch of Jews for Jesus. Robyn is a gifted flute player and loves to use her flute to serve God. Before coming to South Florida, she served on the Liberated Wailing Wall music team, both as a musician and music director, led the San Francisco Branch and the missionary training program in New York. She received her theological training at Fuller and Western Seminaries. Robyn loves speaking with Jewish people about Jesus and would love to speak with you or anyone you know who might be interested in hearing more about having a relationship with God through the Messiah.

If I Were to Follow Yeshua…
Author: Robyn Wilk

Following Yeshua will mean going against the flow of the values and priorities of the world. It may cost us relationships with family and friends, our reputations and opportunities. We might encounter suffering, heartache and rejection. But God will never desert us.

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Why Robyn did not want to believe in Jesus.
January 1, 2017
Topics: our stories
Author: Robyn Wilk

My Mother KNOWS I’m Doing This. My mother and father are both Jewish, both from the East Coast, and both had aspirations for me, their daughter, which I am sure did not include handing out pamphlets about Yeshua (Jesus). For that matter, handing out pamphlets about...

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Meet Me After Rehearsal
September 22, 2015
Author: Robyn Wilk

When we commit our “free time” to God, ministry happens!

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South Florida Praise Report
September 25, 2012
Author: Robyn Wilk

I’d just gotten back from my three-week Christ in the Passover tour and our Passover banquet was just six days away. Thankfully, volunteers had stepped up to the plate, including two of our co-laborers who were both traveling three hours to help with the event. Still,...

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Let’s Team Up
August 1, 1997
Author: Robyn Wilk

The primary objective of Jews for Jesus is to preach the gospel, especially to Jewish people. We hope that you are with us and that in addition to praying for us as we evangelize, you will look for opportunities to tell Jewish people about Jesus, too. Maybe God has...

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From Deputation to Decision
November 1, 1994
Author: Robyn Wilk

One of the tasks of a Jews for Jesus staff person is to speak in local churches. We do this for several reasons. One is to win the hearts of God’s people to Jewish evangelism. Another is that it provides an opportunity for church members to invite their Jewish...

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Questions Part Five: Why Search If You Never Find the Answer?
August 1, 1992
Author: Robyn Wilk

Missionary work is full of questions—those that people ask us, those we ask others to get them to think about the gospel, and those we ask ourselves. These experiences of some of the members of our Liberated Wailing Wall Mobile Evangelistic Team represent some of the...

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Everything to Lose
September 1, 1989
Author: Robyn Wilk

We had just finished our presentation in a church in Missouri. As usual, I went back to the sales table. Suddenly, masses of people came over and wanted to buy our albums, tapes and books. One woman, however, just stood quietly by the table looking inquisitively at...

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