Getting the Word Out Fast!
April 1, 1989

In a recent issue of this Newsletter (Volume 4:5749) we featured our Production and Art departments as we explained the many ways we publish glad tidings.” Some may wonder why we go to the trouble of doing our own printing when many other ministries use outside...

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Seasons of Judaism

Remember in the ’60s the folk-rock song made famous by a music group called The Byrds” which began with these lyrics: To everything (turn, turn, turn) There is a season (turn, turn, turn) And a time to every purpose under heaven. After describing the cycle...

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An (Adult) Child Shall Lead Them
August 1, 1986

Many Gentile Christians are reluctant to witness to their unbelieving Jewish friends because they think that the average Jewish person is immersed in the Scriptures from early childhood and would put their knowledge of the Old Testament to shame. Actually, in most...

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