How a Jewish girl discovered her Messiah through Christmas
December 1, 2017
Author: Ceil Rosen

Ceil Rosen, wife of Jews for Jesus founder, Moishe, had a unique Christmas experience, leading her to consider Jesus seriously as the alternative to religious Judaism or atheism.

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To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate
November 27, 2012
Author: Ceil Rosen

This past summer, in reading Revelation 2, I came across mention of the Nicolaitans. Of course I had seen the word before, but this time I looked it up on Google. I discovered it refers to people in the early church who combined pagan practices of worship with...

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Carols and Candlelight Services: How They Helped Two Jews Find Jesus: Part One
December 1, 1995
Author: Ceil Rosen

An excerpt from “Then I Met Messiah” The following excerpts come from two story booklets. If you can’t wait to see how a story ends, please do not read these two pages! If you enjoy tasty appetizers and are willing to send away for one or both...

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Good-bye and Hello…
November 1, 1995
Author: Ceil Rosen

In 1980, Jhan and Melissa Moskowitz left San Francisco to continue our work in Chicago. It was a big step for the Moskowitz’s but little did I know it would lead to a big step for me as well. You see, Melissa had been the editor of our Newsletter. I was a bit...

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Defeating the Goliaths in Our Lives
December 1, 1992
Author: Ceil Rosen

Though we may think of ourselves as peace-loving people, once we commit our lives to Jesus we enter a war zone. The fight is between good and evil—between God and Satan, the temporary prince of this world. We who belong to Messiah Yeshua must not only declare our...

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Focused Prayer, Our Secret Weapon
July 1, 1992
Author: Ceil Rosen

Encouraging the Ephesian believers concerning their walk of faith, Paul wrote: …we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly...

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Who is minding the store?
January 1, 1991
Author: Ceil Rosen

Yankel, a poor immigrant, came to the Land of Opportunity in search of freedom and a better life. With a mere handful of coins he bought a few basic necessities. Peddling soap, pins, needles and matches door-to-door, he managed to feed himself and make a small profit....

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Of Borscht, Beets and Blueberries
July 1, 1989
Author: Ceil Rosen

If you like soup and enjoy sweet and sour, you’ll probably like borscht. You don’t have to be Jewish (or Russian) to like it, any more than you have to be Jewish to love Jesus. Come to think of it, some Jewish people don’t like borscht. One is my...

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Hospital Miracle
Author: Ceil Rosen

We first met Ann in Los Angeles in 1960. Over the years we befriended her and several members of her family, most of whom were Jewish believers in Yeshua, and Moishe ministered to them. Ann’s first husband Sid died, and later she remarried. Her second husband...

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Precious in the Sight of the Lord is the Death of His Saints
May 1, 1985
Author: Ceil Rosen

Hanna Wago: March 13, 1895 to March 11, 1985 Two days short of her 90th birthday Mother Wago,” a dear saint of God, was called to her eternal reward. Although she was born a Gentile (of German parents in Russia), her love and zeal for Jewish people often...

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Baptism: Pagan or Jewish?
Author: Ceil Rosen

BINST GEVOREN A GOY! “You’ve become a Gentile!” We Jewish believers in Yeshua often encounter this accusation after we’ve been baptized.

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A Covenant with God
Author: Ceil Rosen

You’re going to stick that baby with a needle?” My voice must have betrayed my initial shock and dismay. This was my week-old grandson we were discussing! I listened to the softspoken young man as he competently and calmly described the brief ceremony he...

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How Big Is Your God?
Author: Ceil Rosen

From the time I was old enough to understand anything, I believed in God. He was a big omniscient Jewish Grandfather in the sky who could fix everything and make it right if He chose. I knew He was there because I often heard my mother talking to Him in Yiddish. If...

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Then I Met Messiah: Ceil Rosen’s Story
January 1, 1978
Topics: our stories
Author: Ceil Rosen

Then I Met Messiah: Ceil Rosen's Story It was New Year’s Eve, 1951. As I reached for a drinking glass in the shelf-lined pantry of our cold-water flat, I glanced out of the tiny window at the midnight sky. The light of one star in the southwest dazzled me with...

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