Is the New Testament Jewish?

A look at the Jewishness of the authors, focus, language, and content of the New Testament.

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The Letter
December 1, 1987

I have sought you, Silas, because you are my cousin, but more than that, we are friends, you and I. You stood at my side when I married Miriam, and I at yours when you wed Naomi. When our sons were born, we served as sandok* for one another, for the boys came so close...

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A Christmas Cryptogram

A cryptogram is a puzzle where a message is written with a scrambled alphabet. Each letter is represented by some other letter, always using the same substitutionary letter. For instance, JOHN THREE SIXTEEN” might be written: “ATRE LRBXX HOQLXXE.”...

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The Trinity in the Old Testament
June 1, 1987

The Trinity in the Old Testament I pronounce you husband and wife together, in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Those words of the Anglican marriage ceremony will be heard often during the month of June, the traditional wedding...

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