Why I, a Gentile, Love the Jewish People

A kosher-hearted Christian shares her love for the Jews.

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Is the New Testament Jewish?

A look at the Jewishness of the authors, focus, language, and content of the New Testament.

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The Letter
December 1, 1987

I have sought you, Silas, because you are my cousin, but more than that, we are friends, you and I. You stood at my side when I married Miriam, and I at yours when you wed Naomi. When our sons were born, we served as sandok* for one another, for the boys came so close…

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A Christmas Cryptogram

A cryptogram is a puzzle where a message is written with a scrambled alphabet. Each letter is represented by some other letter, always using the same substitutionary letter. For instance, JOHN THREE SIXTEEN” might be written: “ATRE LRBXX HOQLXXE.” The following passage of Scripture is taken from the King James Version of the Bible. OIK…

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