A Dozen Good Reasons for Becoming a Disciple
February 1, 2000

An oldie but goodie by Stuart Dauermann, former staff member of Jews for Jesus, now messianic rabbi of Ahavat Zion in Beverly Hills Synagogue. Not only were the Messiah’s contemporaries on earth His disciples; we, too, ought to be His disciples, for a disciple...

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Psalm 73: A Case Study of a Spiritual Illness and Recovery
September 1, 1988

In the Bible we often encounter people who stood for God, yet sometimes floundered and fell. They had their trials as well as their triumphs. They knew the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and their experiences provide valuable insights to all believers in...

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Seven Circles of Certainty (If Yeshua Isn’t the Messiah, Who Is?)
February 1, 1986

In presenting Old Testament information about the Messiah to unbelievers, it is helpful to structure the material in as uncomplicated a manner as possible. Use Scripture passages that go from the general to the specific. That is, present the evidence to demonstrate...

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10 Principles of Sharing Your Faith from John 4
September 1, 1985

1. Do not isolate yourself. John 4 deals with Yeshua’s conversation with a Samaritan, ordinarily avoided by the Jewish people. In addition to being a Samaritan, she was a woman with a bruised reputation, apparently known in the community as such. That is...

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Five Road Signs on the Christian Road
June 1, 1985

One of the most appealing Bible promises is abundant life for the followers of Jesus (John 10:10). Yet many Christians would readily admit that their lives are too rarely experiences of abundance. On the Christian road many find themselves experiencing one...

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Interesting Facts About the Book of Psalms
April 1, 1985

Authorship of the Psalms Although only 73 psalms may be traced surely to David and are attributed to him, early Jewish tradition attributed the entire book to him. The psalms are commonly called The Psalms of David.” This is generally borne out by ancient Jewish...

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What Happened When I Read a Forbidden Book

I was no longer able to discount the New Testament as “someone else’s religion,” for it spoke directly to the dry and barren areas of need in my life. My animosity toward Jesus had been replaced with respect, then love, and finally faith.

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