Stephen Pacht | Geneva

Stephen Pacht directs the work of Jews for Jesus in Switzerland. Stephen, who has previously been in charge of the UK and Paris work, lives in Switzerland with his wife Deborah and their four children.

Eats, Shoots and Leaves
March 31, 2013
Author: Stephen Pacht

In her 2004 bestseller, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, UK author Lynne Truss laments the demise of good punctuation. Her title is based on a joke about a panda who eats in a restaurant, then shoots the patrons. As the panda heads towards the exit, a surviving waiter,...

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Answered Prayer in Geneva
March 1, 2012
Author: Stephen Pacht

Back in October we introduced our new Geneva outpost and requested prayer for the freedom to give out free literature about Jesus in public. Stephen Pacht, who is pioneering the work there, recently sent the following report. Many don’t believe me when I say that in...

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All in God’s Timing
October 1, 2009
Author: Stephen Pacht

In a world of instant gratification and speedy technology, it’s easy to grow impatient when we don’t see what we want, when we want it. Yet God is never rushed, and His timing is perfect. We hope the following stories by some of our missionaries will help...

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Welcome Back to London!
May 1, 2006
Author: Stephen Pacht

Jews for Jesus got our official start in the UK in January of 1992 when Stephen and Deborah Pacht opened our London branch. However, they left in April that same year to open our Paris branch. Several other Jews for Jesus missionaries have run the branch in their...

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Proselytism or Evangelism?
June 1, 2004
Author: Stephen Pacht

Here in France, Proselytism” is a popular word with an unpopular connotation. I am often asked if we “proselytize”—and no compliment is intended in the question. It is ironic that this term is now used to describe attempts by Christians to convert...

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Lost and Found
September 1, 1993
Author: Stephen Pacht

One day I received a phone call from Sarah, one of our Jewish contacts. (She says she thinks that she believes—but she has not actually accepted Jesus into her life yet. She stalls each time I press her on the subject.) Sarah said a French Jewish friend of hers, a...

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Anti-Semitism in the New Testament?
January 1, 1993
Author: Stephen Pacht

As I distribute literature on the streets, sometimes I meet Jewish people who claim that the New Testament is overtly anti-Semitic. They rarely want to stop and talk, and invariably they are not able to cite specific passages. It’s just something they have...

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