Larry Dubin | South Florida


Larry Dubin was part of the U.S. Navy before he ever considered the gospel, let alone missions work. He received his master of arts in biblical studies from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1999. He and his wife, Deb, currently serve together, ministering to Jewish people in the South Florida area.

Holy Spirit Harvest, Too
May 16, 2014
Author: Larry Dubin

Decades of trying and giving up on one path after another, including Christianity, made this man’s spiritual search seem like an exercise in futility. But with God, all things are possible…

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Journeys of Faith: Larry Dubin
July 13, 2010
Author: Larry Dubin

Home is wherever my head rests,” says Larry Dubin who describes himself as having been born in Arizona, raised in Colorado and matured in the United States Navy. God used two men to lead Larry to faith in Jesus. “The first man attempted to share the gospel...

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I Had a Plan
January 1, 2003
Author: Larry Dubin

I had a plan…but God had a better one. I was at least the third Jews for Jesus missionary to visit Brad. I really wanted to succeed in helping him enter God’s kingdom. So I had mapped my plan for how Brad could come to saving faith in Jesus. Brad was reared in a...

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