Karol Joseph | New York

Missionary, NYC Leadership Team

Karol Joseph is part of the leadership team in New York City; but also works alongside of the South Florida branch of Jews for Jesus during the winter months. Karol is also on the leadership team for the 2018 Behold Your God campaign in Jerusalem, Israel. Karol holds a master’s of arts degree in missiology with a concentration in Jewish studies from the School of World Missions at Fuller Theological Seminary. Jews for Jesus is a missions organization on the forefront of Jewish evangelism. The ministry is reaching Jewish people for their Messiah in 14 countries and 26 cities.

An Unusual Synagogue Visit
July 22, 2015
Topics: sexuality, gender
Author: Karol Joseph

JFJ trainees need to understand the cultures within the Jewish culture to communicate grace and truth sensitively—which is why they made this unusual synagogue visit.

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Nothing to Fear
Author: Karol Joseph

One area that always got the best of Karol was food, which had become an addiction and obsession.

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We Plan, God Laughs
March 20, 2012
Author: Karol Joseph

The old Yiddish adage, “We plan, God laughs” is a great reminder of His sovereignty. So much so that I have the saying posted on a refrigerator magnet in my kitchen. Many have commented on the truthfulness of that saying when they visit my home; often they...

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The Power of Partnership
February 1, 2006
Topics: valentines day
Author: Karol Joseph

I’ve been a missionary for over 15 years, and it never ceases to amaze me how often God uses me in partnership with a believing brother or sister to introduce a Jewish person to his/her Messiah. I recently had the opportunity to experience that again. Not long...

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Atonement: Questions and Answers
January 1, 2005
Author: Karol Joseph

Note: Elaine the correspondent is fictional, but Karol Joseph is real and serves on the staff of Jews for Jesus. She can be...

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The Prayer Push
July 1, 2000
Author: Karol Joseph

I sensed the first time I met Rhonda that it was only a matter of time before she would accept Jesus as her personal Savior. Only a few days after Rhonda met one of our volunteers at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto during our Summer Witnessing Campaign,...

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The Trinity: Questions and Answers
January 1, 2000
Author: Karol Joseph

Note: Elaine the correspondent is fictional, but Karol Joseph is real and serves on the staff of Jews for Jesus. She can be reached by e-mail. Dear Karol, I wanted to write to you concerning an area that has been particularly troubling for me. The area has to do with...

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Right Place, Right Time
July 1, 1997
Author: Karol Joseph

Having Jews for Jesus speak at your church provides a great opportunity to invite your Jewish friends to come and hear the gospel in a Jewish way. I get excited and encouraged when I see God use our presentations to touch Jewish hearts. Recently I had a joyous...

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Christian Parents See Jewish In-Law Come to Faith
October 1, 1996
Author: Karol Joseph

I was a missionary-in-training when Farrell walked into our office in New York City. She was wondering if Jesus might actually be the Jewish Messiah. Farrell had married a man whose parents were strong, committed believers in Jesus. Her husband, Mark, had made a...

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Signs of New Life
April 1, 1996
Author: Karol Joseph

Bonnie called our Toronto office late one evening asking to talk with someone about Jesus. I’m glad I stayed late to work that evening! Bonnie thought she believed in Jesus, but being raised Jewish, she wanted to speak to a fellow Jew about what that really...

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A Training Lesson: It Pays to Ask!
July 1, 1995
Author: Karol Joseph

Preparing for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaigns is no easy task. After we’ve identified those Jewish believers God has raised up for the outreach and helped them raise their missionary support, there’s still the matter of training them—getting them...

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How It Sometimes Happens
July 1, 1994
Author: Karol Joseph

Gail is Jewish, in her mid-forties and married to a Gentile man. She agreed to raise her children as Christians but has always felt a great sense of Jewishness and never felt quite right about church—until last fall. That summer, Gail’s ten-year-old son, Brandon, went...

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