Not For Us
Author: Ellen Zaretsky

If I had remained in the city of my birth (Buffalo, New York) my neighbors, my friends and my surroundings would have been Jewish. But when I was six, my family moved South (of Buffalo, anyway) to a town called East Aurora, where the Jewish population numbered six: my...

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Grace Upon Grace
May 1, 1991
Author: Ellen Zaretsky

If you said to the average Christian, Isn’t it wonderful how God extends his grace to people in the New Testament?” you would probably get an immediate affirmation of, “Yes, it is!” But if you said to the same person, “Isn’t it...

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Not Even A Minyon
Author: Ellen Zaretsky

When I was six years old, my world changed. If I had remained in the city of my birth, Buffalo, New York, my neighbors, my friends, my surroundings, my culture, most associations would have been Jewish in the way that my parents’ and their parents’...

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