Jewish Factoids: The Yarmulke Or Kippah
May 1, 2009
Author: Jews for Jesus

People often ask us the reason behind the traditional Jewish yarmulke (skull cap), also called a kippah (Hebrew for covering). The following information comes from a catalogue that sells a variety of kippot (plural for kippah): The sources for wearing kippot (Jewish...

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Everything* You Always Wanted to Know About The Three Branches of Judaism
August 1, 2007
Author: Rich Robinson

Everything* You Always Wanted to Know About The Three Branches of Judaism * OK so maybe it's just a few things but it's all we could fit on two pages! Names of the branches ORTHODOX CONSERVATIVE(in North America; called Masorti elsewhere) REFORM(called Liberal Judaism...

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Test Your Yiddishkeit
August 1, 1999
Author: Jews for Jesus

The word kipah” is pronounced kee-pah, accenting the first syllable if you are using the Yiddish pronunciation. (The Hebrew pronunciation accents the second syllable.) Test your yiddishkeit by circling the definition you think best describes the word kipah: a....

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The Priest Was Wearing a Yarmulke
January 1, 1991
Topics: kippah
Author: Cara Friedman

I am from New York—Bronx-born but suburban-bred. My father was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home, and my mother is Gentile. I grew up in a Reform Jewish home and attended the local Jewish Community Center, which was also a Conservative synagogue. I attended worship...

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