Don’t Christians Believe in Three Gods?
April 20, 2018
Author: Jews for Jesus

It’s a very common misrepresentation that while Jews believe in one God, Christians believe in three. The fact is that Christianity is as firmly monotheistic as Judaism.

What Christians believe is that this one God exists, in a way finite man can never fully understand, in three persons or personalities. This belief is not based upon philosophical arguments, but on the Scriptures–both Old and New Testaments.

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What your mother never told you about Jews for Jesus
May 19, 2014
Author: Matt Sieger

12 Questions and Answers from Jews for Jesus We have compiled a dozen frequently asked spiritual questions for Jewish seekers. Number 5, “What proof do you have that Jesus was the messiah,” has some of the highest traffic from our whole website. Note: These twelve questions are from our booklet, Questions & Answers from Jews…

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Kabbalah’s Best Kept Secret?
Author: Jews for Jesus

“God as a Trinity? No way!” “We Jews don’t believe in the idea of a divine incarnation!” For many Jews, these statements are givens. Or are they?

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The Trinity: Questions and Answers
January 1, 2000
Author: Karol Joseph

Note: Elaine the correspondent is fictional, but Karol Joseph is real and serves on the staff of Jews for Jesus. She can be reached by e-mail. Dear Karol, I wanted to write to you concerning an area that has been particularly troubling for me. The area has to do with The Trinity. I know you…

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A Look at the Trinity From a Messianic Jewish Perspective
Topics: trinity, shema
Author: Jews for Jesus

Rabbis who believed that each word of the Hebrew Scriptures, each letter, is God’s revelation had to admit that God spoke to himself and referred to himself in the plural. How can that be, when we know there is only one God?

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The Holy Spirit
November 1, 1989
Topics: trinity, holy spirit
Author: Moishe Rosen

Before they become believers, Jewish people cannot understand the Trinity. Some think that Father, Son and Holy Ghost means the Creator of the universe, a human hero to whom the Gentiles have attributed kind of "junior deity" status, and finally the purported ectoplasmic appearance of Jesus after the crucifixion, with rank delineated by order of…

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Jewishness and the Trinity
Topics: trinity, shema

There is a continuous body of teaching in both the Old and New Testaments relating to the Tri-unity of God.

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