Jews and the Occult
Topics: supernatural, demons
Author: Matt Sieger

Occult forces? Evil entities? Isn’t that just medieval superstitious mishegoss? No, unfortunately, it’s not. Satan is real and out to destroy God’s greatest creation, humankind. His favorite target? Our Jewish people.

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The Rat
April 1, 2013
Author: David Brickner

I have been living with a little terrorist. “Rattus Muridae” invaded my house late last October. At first I was merely annoyed. Having just returned from an overseas trip, I discovered my “little cuties” (small tangerines I had left in a basket...

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Have You Been Touched by an Angel?
Topics: satan, angels
Author: Scott Rubin

The role of angelic beings in relation to human beings.

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Fear Vs. Concern
January 1, 1986
Topics: satan, fear
Author: Moishe Rosen

During the dark days of World War II the free world was on the edge of panic. Hitler seemed invincible. Through the blitzkrieg technique, he amassed victory after victory until his vaunted might seemed a fact instead of a mere boast The blitzkrieg worked—not because...

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