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Top 40 Most Helpful Messianic Prophecies
January 15, 2015
Author: Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus has curated approximately 40 of the most helpful messianic prophecies along with their New Testament fulfillments.

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Does the New Testament mistranslate and misuse the Hebrew Bible when it quotes the prophecies?
Topics: prophecy
Author: Jews for Jesus

Offsite Links Did the Messianic Jewish Believers Use the Old Testament Deceitfully or Ignorantly in the New Testament? Three “Weird” Fulfillments in Matthew

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Does almah mean young woman or virgin?
January 1, 2006
Topics: prophecy
Author: Jews for Jesus

A common argument raised against the virgin birth” and against the New Testament’s reference to Isaiah 7:14, is that the Hebrew word “almah” does not mean virgin, and Jews do not believe in such a thing as a virgin birth. Archaeological findings show that the Hebrew word “almah” refers to a virgin. The possibility of […]

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The Ezekiel Option
Author: Stephen Katz

The Ezekiel Option by Joel Rosenberg Tyndale House, hardcover, 446 pages The Ezekiel Option ought to have the following warning across its cover: ONCE YOU START THIS BOOK YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO PUT IT DOWN. It’s that engaging. This page-turning political thriller gave me the same adrenaline rush as watching the Die Hard […]

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Is Psalm 2 considered messianic by the rabbis and Jewish sages?
January 1, 2005
Author: Jews for Jesus

Though some say that Psalm 2 is not considered messianic by the rabbis or Jewish sages, the Jewish messianic understanding of Psalm 2 has a long history. Some of the rabbinic sources which take a messianic interpretation of Psalm 2 are as follows: Babylonian Talmud, Sukkah 52a Our Rabbis taught, The Holy One, blessed be […]

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