December Conundrum…and Solution
Author: Susan Perlman

Who is the One who can unite us during the Hanukkah/Christmas season?

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Come Meet the Author of Life
Topics: poetry, music, bible
Author: Michael O'Connor

  It was one of those quite unspectacular days That sneak up and catch you off guard The kind that you usually let slip away Like leaves blowing out of the yard I was taking my usual brisk morning walk Through fog you could cut with a knife Caught a sign in the window...

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Moishe’s Musings
December 1, 2007
Topics: poetry
Author: Moishe Rosen

I must have been four years old; certainly under five. It was the month of December. We listened to the radio in our home, and I heard the songs about a jolly old man. I saw pictures of him too, in the day-old newspaper we got from the neighbors. And I knew his name....

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Topics: poetry
Author: Irving Wiesner

     We come into consciousness, we know not from where      And we face eternity, we know not when or how      We come into consciousness, and eventually consciousness ends…      Or does it?      No wonder we are so angry, frightened, confused and depressed...

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Topics: poetry

Zayde You used to call me Shayna maidele, your pretty one As you bounced me on your knee. Oh, your grey beard scared me so! Zayde Did you know I looked In your dresser drawer and found the cherry drops. They were for me, weren’t they? Zayde I can still feel Your...

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Two Walls
Topics: poetry

In his hands, he folds the note, Smaller and smaller The words he’d found so hard to write The question he’d found so hard to ask His feet move slowly Towards the stones touched by holy men Black coats, black hats, gray beards these begin to fill his eyes....

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Celebrations of Light
Topics: poetry, hanukkah
Author: Janna Sanders

In the beginning the world was in darkness God speaking, the Spirit moving let there be light we remember the miracle God’s wondrous act. The temple in darkness desecrated, defiled, a small band of warriors, the victory won, we remember the miracle God’s...

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Gospel Ads
December 1, 1998
Topics: poetry
Author: Susan Perlman

If there is one time of year when the hearts of Jewish people seem to be softened to spiritual things, it’s during Advent. Perhaps it has to do with the positive message” specials on television, the carols on the radio or the plethora of Christmas theme...

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Messiah Revealed
Author: Jon Isaac

their faces I formed so that mine they would seek ears to listen for the Word I would speak eyes to see, minds to understand all they required I made with my Hand the Law and the Prophets for centuries foretold the birth of a baby begotten of old in words unencoded,...

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Author: Jon Isaac

Trojan horse triumph of history Innocence murdered to end tyranny Living Word silenced without a remark Sunlight extinguished to kindle a spark Freedom sold to end slavery Man fed to Death to set mankind free Lamb bred for slaughter; Babe born to die Devourer poisoned...

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Holiday Hodgepodge
December 1, 1996
Topics: poetry
Author: Jews for Jesus

About the date on this month’s banner: This isn’t really the December newsletter and it isn’t really the January newsletter. It’s more like a combination—a holiday hodgepodge. We hope you’ll like it! —y.a. ed. (your affectionate editor)...

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Jonah’s Prayer
Topics: poetry, yom kippur
Author: Jews for Jesus

In my distress I called to the LORD, and he answered me. From the depths of the grave I called for help, and you listened to my cry. You hurled me into the deep, into the very heart of the seas, and the currents swirled about me; all your waves and breakers swept over...

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An Old Plea, A New Cry

David Cohen slowly folded his note to the Ancient of Days. David is what they call a “dreamer” and only a dreamer would make such a request. Surely the Almighty’s ears had heard countless cries, yes, even demands for the Messiah to be raised up from...

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Sweet Singer of Israel: Unpublished Poems and Devotional Thoughts of Max I. Reich, With a Memoir by His Son
September 1, 1995
Author: Rich Robinson

Book Title: Sweet Singer of Israel Author: Max Isaac Reich Date Published: 1972 Publisher: Books for Libraries Press ISBN: 978-0836981278 Reviewer: Rich Robinson Review Date: Sep 1, 1995 This unusual book is a little gem for anyone interested in Jewish missions and...

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Compassion: The Small Print
Topics: poetry

Compassion lies down with the wasting as scorpions of death quick-step past, where a legion of underfed icons take part in a withering fast. Compassion turns over tables and then tends to go for the throat of those whose riches are suspect, for Compassion has only one...

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Topics: poetry, torah
Author: Fredrick Zydek

Here we find the casting of the sacred lot, the defruited branches of the family tree thundering back into life. From nothing comes the stuff of stars— a man walking naked on red earth, the goat-shaped and jawless one smiling as love leaves the garden, sweat...

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Murray’s Song: Healing God
Topics: poetry
Author: Jews for Jesus

Healing God, healing God, healing God, knows the painful paths we’ve trod, lifts us from the grimy sod, leading back to life. Tho’ our song be lonesome still, tho’ it bear a mournful trill, tho’ it be unsteady yet ’twill lead us back to...

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Why I Believe
April 1, 1993
Topics: poetry, resurrection
Author: Chris Hansen

A friend of mine was worried; he thought I’d lost my head. He came to me one evening, and this is what he said. I know you follow Jesus; your faith is very strong. I think you’ve lost your reason! How could you be so wrong? How can you follow Jesus, when...

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The Christmas Dilemma
December 1, 1992
Topics: poetry, christmas

Why can’t we have a Christmas tree? All of my friends have one! Why do we have to be different?” Every year the Christmas dilemma plagues Jewish families who live in countries that are oriented to Christian culture. Throughout the year Jewish people all...

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