Jesus’ References to Old Testament Scriptures
May 16, 2017
Author: Rich Robinson

Jesus' References to Old Testament Scriptures First, a personal note from the author: Many Jews prefer to say “Hebrew Bible” or “Tanakh.” When I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, our family along with many other Jews referred comfortably to the “Old Testament.” To me it...

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The Good, the Bad and the Unleavened
Author: Aaron Lewin

“Why on this night do we only eat matzah?” It really is the million-dollar question. Why do we have to eat this dry, crumbly bread for eight nights?

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Does the New Testament mistranslate and misuse the Hebrew Bible when it quotes the prophecies?
June 30, 2011
Author: Jews for Jesus

Offsite Links Did the Messianic Jewish Believers Use the Old Testament Deceitfully or Ignorantly in the New Testament? Three “Weird” Fulfillments in...

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Jewish Proverbs in the New Testament?
October 1, 2009
Author: Jews for Jesus

Most biblical proverbs can be found in the book so named for its content.  However, many proverbs are sprinkled throughout the Scriptures, including the New Testament. The following is a collection of Proverbs found throughout the New Testament. Can you find at least...

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A Note From David Brickner : Timed to Undermine?
March 1, 2007
Author: David Brickner

Jesus makes the front covers of TIME and Newsweek more often than any other person in history. Have you ever noticed how stories about Him usually pop up during the Advent and Lenten seasons? That is understandable since these are historical and spiritual landmarks...

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The New Testament: Contradictory Or Consistent?
Author: Rich Robinson

The New Testament: Contradictory Or Consistent?  Who’s Your Source Of Information? Jewish scholars conversant with the New Testament may differ on many points, but most if not all agree on one: the essential Jewishness of Jesus. Writers such as Claude Montefiore...

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Did the Jewish People Reject Jesus?
Author: Louis Goldberg

Was Jesus really rejected by the Jews of the first century? The best way to answer that question is to look at the first-hand documents of that time. They are primarily the New Testament, but also the writings of the Jewish historian Josephus and some rabbinic...

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