Our Mysterious Family
July 1, 2016
Author: David Brickner

All believers – Jews and Gentiles—have been adopted into God’s forever family

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Finding Spiritual Harmony
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

“My Jewish husband doesn’t believe in Jesus, so how can I find spiritual harmony in our case?”

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Jews and Others for Jesus
March 2, 2012
Author: David Brickner

Did you know that Jews for Jesus has led five to ten times as many non-Jews to faith in Christ as Jews?  It may be one of our best-kept secrets (more like a little-known fact since we really aren’t trying to keep it a secret.)  During a recent Jews for Jesus street...

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First And Also
January 1, 2010
Author: David Brickner

Usually we quote Bible verses in their entirety, but I’ve noticed an exception: Romans 1:16. You’ve heard the words: For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes.”  But how often do...

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Jewish and Catholic: Shaun’s Story
Author: Matt Sieger

As Shaun Buchhalter notes, being a Jewish Puerto Rican is probably more common in New York City than elsewhere. But that didn’t make it any easier, especially during the December holidays. Born to a Jewish father and a Puerto Rican Catholic mother, 30-year-old...

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A Transformed Celebration

As a child, I was always envious of my next-door neighbor who got to celebrate Christmas. Being Jewish, I had my own holiday, Hanukkah, but the gentile holiday seemed so much bigger, so much better. I did not consider the meaning of either day, only the outward...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Christian Cat?
Author: Susan Perlman

The people of Vaysechvoos were too poor to own pets, but they had a problem and to solve that problem, they welcomed a few stray cats into the shtetl. You see, a multitude of mice had taken up residence there. But the appearance of the cats had hordes of mice...

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Jesus and His People
February 1, 2008
Author: David Brickner

“Jesus I love you, but I don’t understand your wife, “She wears too much make-up and she always wants to fight; “In my world of black and gray, she argues shades of white.” song lyrics by Dead Artist Syndrome Does the evangelical church in America have an image...

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Softening the Ground in Bronx/Westchester
September 1, 2006
Author: Efram Fuchs

Campaign leaders Amer Olson and Jhan Moskowitz “We have a very strong, close Jewish community here,” a man informed campaign leader Amer Olsen over the phone. “We won’t stand for this.” “This” was the Jews for Jesus Bronx/ Westchester campaign, headquartered in White...

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Talking with Tass: A Palestinian who Loves the Jewish People
Author: Jews for Jesus

  As we reflect on the issue of reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian believers, we thought you might appreciate reading a bit from Tass Abu Sadr, a Palestinian who was raised as a Muslim and has been a believer in Jesus since 1993. Tass spent many years as a...

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A Windblown Seed
June 1, 2005
Author: Bob Mendelsohn

Ed: We hope you know that while we are making Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide, we do not avoid preaching the Word to Gentiles! The following story shows how God sometimes blesses the gospel seed we sow in rather unexpected ways. One day I was...

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Why I, a German, Love the Jewish People
Topics: forgiveness
Author: Irmhild Barend

Love often begins with a discovery. We discover someone to whom we feel deeply drawn and who then inspires our devotion. My love for my Jewish brothers and sisters started with a discovery. Discovery and an empty chair. I carefully balanced the tray of food in my...

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Jews, Blacks & Jesus
Author: Brenda Ross

Reflections of an African American woman on the Jewish people and the messiah.

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Jews, Gentiles, and the Church: A New Perspective on History and Prophecy
March 1, 1996
Author: Jews for Jesus

Book Title: Jews, Gentiles, and the Church: A New Perspective on History and Prophecy Author: David Larsen Date Published: July 1995 Publisher: Nelsonword Publishing Group; First Edition edition Genre: 1. Theology ISBN: 978-0929239422 Reviewer: Leslie B. Flynn Review...

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Things We Couldn’t Say
Author: David Brickner

Book Title: Things We Couldn’t Say Author: Stan Telchin Date Published: November 8, 1999 Publisher: W.B. Eerdmans; 1st edition Genre: 1. Holocaust2. Women in History3. Europe ISBN: 978-0802847478 Reviewer: David Brickner Not enough stories have been told. Not enough...

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When Jews Were Proselytizers
Author: Susan Perlman

Why most Jewish people no longer seek to convert non-Jews.

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Rejoicing in the Lord
May 1, 1991
Author: Moishe Rosen

Sometimes I think that Jewish believers in Christ enjoy things more than other Christians who are not Jewish. I must admit that this is a biased, stereotyped opinion on my part. I think it stems from my personal culture and experiences of being Jewish and having to...

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Our Campaign 1990 Roster
September 1, 1990
Author: Jews for Jesus

Volunteers Cheryl Cohn—Campaigner Cheryl is a junior and English major at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She has been a believer since January of 1988, and she sings with our Chicago music team. Dorothy Cook—Steward Dorothy is from Glen Burnie,...

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Story of Clara Rubin
Author: Clara Rubin

My parents came from Russia to the United States in 1911. My mother used to tell me stories of the atrocities and pogroms suffered by our people there at Passover time. A gentile child would be hidden, and we Jews would be accused of killing him and using his blood to...

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