Hanukkah, Hebrew lessons and shining God’s light
January 11, 2017
Author: Jews for Jesus

Our team of Russian-speakers in Israel is asking for your prayers…

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LiveChat L’Chaim!
November 11, 2016
Author: Jews for Jesus

How did this Jewish man find new life through our web chat platform?

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Partners in the gospel
August 21, 2015
Author: Julia Pascoe

This salvation story shows what happens when friends like you partner with us to tell their Jewish friends about Jesus.

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel
November 8, 2013
Author: Lynn McCoy

OK, I’m just going to say it. I love Christmas. I don’t have a problem, as a Jew, proclaiming that. I admit I have a Christmas tree, I love singing Christmas carols, and if you come to my house in December, you will hear Handel’s...

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Together as One
Author: Kata Tar

Find out what Kata Tar learned about unity from organizing two witnessing campaigns in Budapest. See photos and learn results from this year’s Budapest Campaign.

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You are here, a spiritual road map
September 4, 2013
Author: Susan Mendelson

Did you ever walk away after sharing your faith with someone and wonder, "What just happened?"

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Do you hear the trumpet call?
August 9, 2013
Author: Maxim Ammosov

Author: Martin Friedman

Introduction by Larry Dubin, branch leader for Jews for Jesus in Washington, D.C.

It was a hot and humid Mid-Atlantic August day when the letter from a local detention center arrived. Often I am unable to provide the kind of assistance requested in such letters. But after reading Martin Friedman’s words, I decided to meet with the chaplain of the detention center.

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Being First
May 28, 2013

In 2011, during the Women’s World Cup games, we conducted a three-week evangelistic campaign in Berlin. Our team encountered many Jewish people from Berlin and as well as Jewish tourists from other countries, including Israel. We received 126 Jewish contacts....

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Faith is a Gift of God
April 28, 2013
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

“How do I have faith? Am I supposed to believe in something that is unbelievable?”  Those were questions Eugene asked at the point of spiritual capitulation. Let me back up and explain. It all started more than 25 years ago. Eugene is the son of Romanian...

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Bits from the Branches

For the Love of God
January 29, 2013
Author: Deb Dubin

Last year, Carlie attended one of our Christ in the Passover presentations at a church in her area. The speaker, Karl DeSouza (branch leader in Montreal), was introduced to Carlie that day and arranged to meet with her the following morning. After learning about...

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Operation Light of the World
November 28, 2012
Author: Jews for Jesus

In Russia and Ukraine, our staff has a name for their annual Hanukkah outreach: “Operation Light of the World.” Your newsletter was mailed before this year’s outreach began, but here are a few highlights from last year to help you pray for the work that is going on...

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A Different Kind of Fitness
March 3, 2012
Author: Laura Barron

“Chag sameach!” she greeted me as I approached my locker at the gym. I smiled back and wished her the same. (The greeting, pronounced “khog sah-may-ahkh” means happy holiday.) As we chatted, Rachel (not her real name) asked me how I would be...

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January Fun in the Son
January 1, 2012
Author: Jews for Jesus

The New Year is a special time to greet people with the gospel, and to bring generations together to begin the year thinking about the spiritual needs of others. Many of you will receive this newsletter before January first, so we hope you’ll pray for these...

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Rosh Hashanah
September 8, 2011
Author: Jews for Jesus

Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) begins at sundown Sept 28. However you will not find Rosh Hashanah in the Bible, because there the holiday is referred to as the Feast of Trumpets, or Yom Teruah (pronounced “true-ah”). A couple of years ago, our...

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Who is He?
August 6, 2011
Author: David Brickner

The most important question ever asked is the one Yeshua put to His disciples at Caesarea: “But who do you say that I am?” (Matthew 16:15). The debate over this question has engaged some of the most thoughtful minds as well as engendering some of the...

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Bits from Massah and Summer Campaign
July 1, 2011
Author: Jews for Jesus

Here are some glimpses of how God answered prayer last summer—to encourage you to pray for the evangelism taking place right now! Massah Ben: So many nights after a long day, we go out and talk to people who are enjoying the Tel Aviv nightlife. Last Thursday, my...

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Bits from the Trainees
January 1, 2010
Author: Jews for Jesus

Morgan reported, “It was our usual Monday night calling time, but this week’s list, unlike previous weeks, was Jewish people who don’t yet believe. We trainees were a little on edge since we were told about how people might respond. After many wrong...

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A Slice of Missionary Life
September 1, 2009
Author: Lynn McCoy

Everyone has ups and downs, and last fall was like a roller coaster ride in terms of my ministry in D.C.  The week before Yom Kippur, I was happy to receive an email asking me to contact a Jewish woman named Jackie.  Her mother, a Jewish believer in Jesus, wanted us...

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A New Outlook
April 1, 2009
Author: Lynn McCoy

I met Paula a couple of years ago at our Passover banquet. She came as the guest of her Christian friend, Jennifer, who had witnessed to Paula over the years. Jennifer had attended many of our events and felt that we would be able to help Paula get to the next step in...

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Jews for Jesus Tournament of Roses Outreach
January 2, 2008
Author: Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus conducted our Los Angeles New Years outreach from Dec 31 – Jan 2. During that time we distributed 45,775 broadsides and received the names of seventeen people interested in more information including three Jewish inquirers.  Over the course of...

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Los Angeles College Campus Campaign
September 30, 2007
Author: Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus Los Angeles conducted a College Campus Campaign Sep 30-Oct 4th. The campaign covered UCLA, Cal State Northridge, and Santa Monica College — three campuses with the largest Jewish student population. Participating were six missionary staff and nine...

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Campaigning in the BYG Apple
September 1, 2006
Author: Sid Rothstein

Campaign leaders Dan Sered and Greg Savitt Ask Manhattan campaigner Sharon Turnil her favorite place to hand out broadsides and she’ll tell you “Bryant Park, because people are relaxed and willing to talk.” (Or as Michelle, who also favors Bryant Park put it, “People...

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Resolutions That Guard Your Heart
Author: Susan Perlman

We don’t always know how the resolutions we make may one day guard our hearts—or even our bodies—as I discovered at the Israel in the Garden” celebration in San Francisco. It is amazing how many ways people can make their displeasure known when you are...

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More Campaign Stories from 1999
July 1, 2000
Author: Jews for Jesus

We didn’t have enough space last month to print all the encouraging campaign stories from 1999, so thought we’d include a few more to inspire you to pray for this year’s Campaigns. It was Keith Greenberg’s first sortie (tract-passing...

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May 1, 1998
Author: Victoria Lannon

I had a rather uneventful sortie at the University of Maryland, handing out one of my favorite broadsides, If Being Born hasn’t Given you Much Satisfaction, Try being Born Again.” A few days later, I was at our office doing some work, when the phone rang....

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The Bible Nobody Wanted
July 1, 1997
Author: Jews for Jesus

I was walking down the street in Brooklyn somewhat discouraged. I had just come from visiting a Russian Jewish couple who had returned a Bible that I had loaned them. They said that they were no longer interested in reading the Bible or considering that Jesus might be...

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Lightning Rods for Yeshua
September 1, 1996
Author: Avi Snyder

Not long ago, a pastor from an American church spent two weeks with the Moscow-based Jews for Jesus team. One afternoon while he and I rode the Moscow Metro together, I noticed that he was captivated by the expressions of some of our fellow travelers who had caught...

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From Our Israel Correspondent
December 1, 1995
Author: Jews for Jesus

During the NYC Campaign, Chaplain Iva Conrad witnessed to an Israeli woman named Sharona. Well, Sharona is back in Israel now and very open to a visit. I also contact referrals from Russian Jewish believers in Brooklyn. They ask me to visit their friends in Israel....

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A Training Lesson: It Pays to Ask!
July 1, 1995
Author: Karol Joseph

Preparing for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaigns is no easy task. After we’ve identified those Jewish believers God has raised up for the outreach and helped them raise their missionary support, there’s still the matter of training them—getting them...

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Liberated Wailing Wall Memoirs: Small Church, Big Blessings
February 1, 1994
Author: Jeanne Waterman

As our Liberated Wailing Wall mobile evangelistic team travels about the country, they proclaim the saving power of Yeshua during the day by distributing broadsides and singing at college campuses. Their 40-foot bus itself is a traveling billboard for the gospel. In...

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The Message Is Being Heard Everywhere
January 1, 1994

One of the oldest Jewish communities in the world today outside of Israel is in Syria. Interestingly enough, it is also one of the first Jewish communities in the Diaspora to have heard the gospel message. The Book of Acts, chapter 9, tells us that Saul of Tarsus was...

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Questions Part One: Are You With the Big Bus?
August 1, 1992
Author: Lindy Isaacson

Missionary work is full of questions—those that people ask us, those we ask others to get them to think about the gospel, and those we ask ourselves. These experiences of some of the members of our Liberated Wailing Wall Mobile Evangelistic Team represent some of the...

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Questions Part Two: Do You Want Jesus To Come Into Your Life?
Author: David Isaacson

Missionary work is full of questions—those that people ask us, those we ask others to get them to think about the gospel, and those we ask ourselves. These experiences of some of the members of our Liberated Wailing Wall Mobile Evangelistic Team represent some of the...

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Questions Part Four: Why Don’t You Call Yourselves Christians for Jesus?
Author: Annette Sofaer

Missionary work is full of questions—those that people ask us, those we ask others to get them to think about the gospel, and those we ask ourselves. These experiences of some of the members of our Liberated Wailing Wall Mobile Evangelistic Team represent some of the...

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More About Our Evangelism in The Soviet Union
September 1, 1990
Author: Jews for Jesus

In recent issues of this Newsletter we reported on an evangelistic tour to the Soviet Union by some of our Los Angeles staff and two other ministers, and we also published some encouraging pictures. We know that our five-person team made a definite impact for the...

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Yeshua Is God’s Light For Everyone
July 1, 1990
Author: Steve B.

I was passing out broadsides in front of a park-like setting near the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City when I saw a man leaning up against a railing. He looked about 55 years of age and seemed very troubled. I began speaking to him, and the first thing he said to me...

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Everything to Lose
September 1, 1989
Author: Robyn Wilk

We had just finished our presentation in a church in Missouri. As usual, I went back to the sales table. Suddenly, masses of people came over and wanted to buy our albums, tapes and books. One woman, however, just stood quietly by the table looking inquisitively at...

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It Was Worth the Wait
Author: Murray Tilles

One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry in Jews for Jesus is seeing people come to know the Lord through our work. We spend many hours on the streets distributing our literature and many more hours meeting with people one on one to talk about Jesus. As...

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In His Case Yet” Meant Almost”
Author: Heidi Grabke

After one of our Liberated Wailing Wall presentations in Seminole, Florida, a smiling lady approached me. Holding a postcard in her hand, she asked, Are you Heidi?” “Yes,” I said, returning her smile. Then with an even bigger smile she said,...

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Campaign Circus
June 1, 1989
Author: Stephana Fraum

My skin felt sticky, and my shirt was damp at the shoulder under the strap of the tract bag I was carrying. It was a hot, humid day in downtown Boston. There I stood on the Freedom Trail by Faneuil Hall under the burning sun distributing a tract called Tourist Tsuris....

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A Timely Encounter
March 1, 1988
Author: Ellen Kamentsky

As a missionary with Jews for Jesus, I spend many hours each week standing on street corners handing out gospel tracts. Sometimes the results are discouraging as hundreds of people pass by, ignoring me completely. Others take a tract and quickly discard it as soon as...

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Follow-Up Phone Calls
March 1, 1987

It was a Monday night, a good time to find people at home, and I was calling some Jewish people who receive our bi-monthly publication, ISSUES: A Messianic Jewish Perspective. My purpose was to find out what they thought about Jews and Jesus and whether or not they...

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Angry? Yes, But…
July 1, 1986
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

How many times have I experienced that reflex? The angry look, the sputtered epithet, the hand flailing back over the shoulder to launch” a broadside back in my direction? The blue tract drifted to the curb in the soft noontime breeze. The young student who had...

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Campaign Memories
Author: Holly R.

It was my very first week of my very first Campaign in New York City. My team had been assigned to Wall Street, and I could barely wait for the subway train to stop. When we finally arrived at our station, we climbed the stairs to street level and practically ran to...

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It Took Four and a Half Years
June 1, 1985
Author: Loren Jacobs

I first met Valerie on the hot summer streets of New York during our 1980 Summer Witnessing Campaign. She had noticed me in my Jews for Jesus T-shirt as I stood on my corner at 42nd Street, handing out broadsides. We got into a conversation about prophecy and Jews,...

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