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How “Christian” is Christian Zionism
March 20, 2009
Author: David Brickner

Click here to download this article in pamphlet format for printing. The National Council of Churches describes Christian Zionism as “a danger to true peace in the Middle East.” Anglican Vicar Stephen Sizer, in his scorching and widely read book, Christian Zionism: Roadmap to Armageddon, attacks Christian Zionism as “racist” and “unbiblical.” We can shrug […]

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Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer
April 1, 2007
Author: Jews for Jesus

Prominent evangelical backs out of pro-Israel event over proselytizing disclaimer Reported by Jim Brown for One News Now. Copyright 2006, 2007 American Family News Network Christian radio talk-show host Janet Parshall, a high-profile American evangelical known for her strong support of Israel, has dropped out of a Jerusalem conference sponsored by a Christian caucus of […]

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Omission: The Sin Against Israel
May 1, 2006
Author: David Brickner

Good deeds sometimes do more harm than good. That’s right. If we busy ourselves with doing good while omitting what is best, then what is good eventually shrivels into a sorry substitute for what is best.

Author Robert Stearns has written a compelling cover story for this month’s edition of Charisma Magazine, titled “Why Israel Matters.” He urges Christians to support the nation of Israel, using both a theological and political perspective. But he leaves out the most important truth for Christians to understand about Israel

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