RealTime August 2004

Spelling *His* Name Right
August 1, 2004
Author: David Brickner

Perhaps you have heard the old adage, Any publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.” I have seen some truth in that saying for us in Jews for Jesus. As long as they get our name right, even negative publicity helps fulfill our mission...

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Report on Campaigns in New York City and Manchester, England
Author: Jews for Jesus

Thanks for praying for our annual Summer Witnessing Campaign as well as the Behold Your God Manchester campaign last month. Here are some of the results: In New York, in four weeks campaigners handed out 1,322,900 tracts, got names and addresses of 462 unbelieving...

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The Da Vinci Code
Author: Jews for Jesus

Some believe an elaborate conspiracy has perpetrated lies about Jesus. They say He was actually married to Mary Magdalene and had a child with her. As preposterous as this sounds to Bible believers who take the Gospels as, well, gospel, the idea of a different...

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A Jewish Lent? The Month of Elul
Author: Eric Verby

This year, the Jewish month of Elul falls on August 18 through September 15. (Technically, Elul is the sixth month of the Hebrew calendar, with Nisan (Passover), being the first, even though Rosh Hashanah is considered the Jewish New Year.) Elul precedes the month of...

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