November 2010 Newsletter (5771:3)

Never Go Against God’s Anointed
November 1, 2010
Topics: king david, solomon
Author: David Brickner

This article contains descriptions, conversations and reflections of biblical characters that the author has imagined, based on Psalm 2; 1 Samuel 16, 24; 2 Samuel 5; 1 Kings 1-2. The two men leaned in close to one another, intent on a more intimate conversation than...

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Blue Mosaic: A Team is Born
Author: Jews for Jesus

There are no stars to be born in Jews for Jesus because we are a team of missionaries who pull together, and Blue Mosaic is a team within a team.  And rather talented team, we believe! Like the Liberated Wailing Wall, Blue Mosaic is a mobile evangelistic arm of Jews...

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Moishe’s Musings: Getting a Faith Lift
Author: Moishe Rosen

Editor: Thanks to those of you who have responded with so much enthusiasm to the excerpts from Moishe’s yet-to-be published biography. I’m encouraged that so many are looking forward to reading the book (as I write this I’m on the very last chapter.)...

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Bits from the Branches
Author: Jews for Jesus

Montreal Karl de Souza reports: We are still seeing fruit from the Yiddish Jesus video we mailed into the Montreal ultra-Orthodox community in 2007. A Jewish woman named Ruth* recently called the branch, and I met with her and her husband in downtown Montreal. They...

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