May 1987 Newsletter (5747:7)

May 1, 1987
Author: Moishe Rosen

Hammer blows of terrorist episodes and the Israeli response have sensitized the world to an awareness of that tiny bastion of democracy” at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean. Israel is many things to various people. During the Jesus Revolution, there was a...

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Some Take More Convincing than Others
Author: Jews for Jesus

Jack, a young Jewish man from New York engaged to a Gentile believer, had been meeting with one of our missionaries for several months. Even with Jack’s fiancee and our worker witnessing to him and praying for him, Jack seemed satisfied with only an intellectual...

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Missionary Report
Author: Keith Halberg

This is an account of opportunity and availability and of being used by God at the right spiritual place in someone’s life. The person was Greg, and I was the missionary God called to be available to help answer Greg’s spiritual questions. Greg was a...

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God’s Harvest
Author: Joel Kleinbaum

Jewish people very rarely come to faith in Yeshua through the witness of just one person. Usually a seed” is planted somewhere along the way, several people water it, and one person harvests. More often than not, those of us who plant and water don’t ever...

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Street Music Again
Author: Dafna O'Farrill

I have always loved music, and as I was growing up I loved to sing and play the piano. I even wrote songs. When I was 16 I started playing guitar, and a year later I found myself away at college—in Jerusalem. Being so far away from home, I often found comfort by...

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You Could Get Killed for Doing the Right Thing!
Author: Moishe Rosen

It was so long ago that I was in grammar school that I have forgotten most of it, but there is one story we read that I will never forget. It was about a big, faithful German Shepherd dog on a pioneer farm. One day, as the farmer was returning from the field, he saw...

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About Your Will…
Author: Moishe Rosen

We have noticed that many ministries include little notices in their publications to inform readers that they would welcome being mentioned in their readers’ wills. After thinking it over, we have decided to tell you that you can leave Jews for Jesus money in...

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A Christian Pilgrimage (or Going Home to Israel)
Author: Evelyn Neitzel

Going home to Israel is like going home to grandmother. She is a grandmother I have never met; yet I know her well. All my life I have heard the stories of her family, and know well the land where she lives—the barren parts and the bountiful parts. I have studied...

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Is God Fair?
Author: Steve Shermett

In our missionary work nonbelievers confront us to test our faith. Often questions are asked as an assault, and in that case they should not be answered, because the Scriptures teach, Answer not a fool according to his folly…” (Proverbs 26:4). Yet occasionally a...

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A Theological Consideration of Fruit
Author: Dan Strull

Recently I had an opportunity to prepare a Bible study on the fruit of the Spirit as found in Galatians 5. Prior to the actual start of my studies I had imagined that my devotional talks would probably involve a definition of each segment” of the fruit, and then...

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A Messiah Line Connection
Topics: passover
Author: Larry Brandt

In September 1985, Jews for Jesus brought me to San Francisco to become the voice of Messiah Line.” Our Messiah Line is a nationwide ministry of encouragement and discipleship of Jewish believers by telephone. There are literally thousands of Jewish people...

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