March 2019 Newsletter (5779:6)

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Real Rehabilitation
February 18, 2019
Author: Jews for Jesus

Here’s how God is using the testimony of a former addict to reach people for Jesus in Israel.

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Closed heart suddenly opens
Author: Jews for Jesus

People who seem “completely shut to the gospel” suddenly open their hearts when God does the unexpected. Find out how God used a ring and a key to open one woman’s heart.

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Want to do more to reach Jewish people for Jesus?
February 15, 2019
Author: Carolyne Rohrig

Jews for Jesus is accepting applications to train volunteers and the possibilities for how you can help us reach Jewish people for Jesus are endless!

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He has put eternity in our hearts
February 14, 2019
Topics: eternal life
Author: David Brickner

What is the gift, the mystery and the promise of Eternity? (Hint: it’s not cologne). In times of loss, what we believe about eternity comes to the surface.

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