March 2000 Newsletter (5760:7)

Haman and Hitler
March 1, 2000
Author: David Brickner

A 94 year-old Orthodox sage has poured more fuel on the flames of religious controversy in Israel by contending in a sermon that the Holocaust was God’s punishment (on the Jewish people)…” So reported the Jewish Telegraphic Agency in the January 4th...

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Author: Jews for Jesus

At Passover we remember our redemption from Egypt by eating matzo, bitter herbs, roast meats, chicken matzo ball soup and other Jewish delicacies. At Hanukkah we remember the victory over Antiochus Epiphanes and we eat potato latkes or donuts cooked in oil to remind...

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After the Holocaust, Part One
Author: Hannah Neufeld

My father was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. He had to flee for his life and he barely escaped the torture of the concentration camps. After repeated attempts to escape—only to be captured and returned to Germany—he and his brother made a suicide pact. They would...

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After the Holocaust, Part Two
Author: Amer Olson

When I was serving with The Liberated Wailing Wall (our mobile evangelistic music team) we had a chapel at the Lutheran Bible Institute. Toivi Blatt, a Holocaust survivor, happened to be lecturing in one of the classes that day, and we were allowed to sit in. This man...

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The Persecuted Church
Author: Tuvya Zaretsky

In July of 1995, a Jewish journalist, Michael Horowitz, sent a shock wave into the consciences of American business, political and religious thinkers with his article in The Wall Street Journal titled: New Intolerance Between Crescent And Cross.” He spoke...

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Seeds of Meolotry
Author: Ruth Rosen

I don’t know if meolotry is a real word, but if it isn’t it ought to be. Whether it’s in any dictionary, you can guess what meolotry means: the worship of me. Take Haman, for example. He somehow got the idea that he was worthy of praise and...

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