June 2015 Newsletter (5775:10)

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This Month's Top Stories from Realtime!

More artful outreach… NYC!
May 22, 2015

People, Art, Heart: a report on artful outreach in New York City.

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Hello Israel
May 21, 2015
Author: Jews for Jesus

Find out who is considered the father of Israeli art and why!

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Artful Outreach
Author: Jews for Jesus

Another art exhibit at our Moishe Rosen center in Israel? Yes! See how creativity and outreach go hand in hand!

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So What? The importance of beauty
Author: Ruth Rosen

Take a beauty break and see how all things beautiful apply to you and your life.

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What the Bible & Jewish Culture tell us about creativity, art and beauty
Author: Jews for Jesus

Check out this beautiful chart about creativity, art and beauty seen through the lenses of Scripture and Jewish culture.

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The Multitudes
Author: David Brickner

David Brickner explores ways to join Jesus in caring for the multitudes.

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