June 2013 Newsletter (5773:10)

Judicious or Judgmental?
May 31, 2013
Topics: ruths ramblings
Author: Ruth Rosen

These two words may sound similar but how we affect others when we are judicious could not be more different than how we affect them when we are judgmental. Who wouldn’t want a reputation for being judicious? Wouldn’t you? On the other hand, I don’t...

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Jewish Core Values, Jesus and You, Part Five
May 30, 2013
Author: Rich Robinson

Redeeming Captives — Pidyon Shvuyim (rhymes with “mid-phone, blue team”). According to this core value, it is worth it to pay a ransom for the life of a hostage.

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Yeshua Loves His Bride
May 9, 2013
Author: David Brickner

“Every bride is beautiful” expresses a sentiment I hope we all can affirm. Though some may have more natural beauty than others, there is something very special about a bride on her wedding day—something that puts a smile on the faces of all who honor her and that newly-formed family she and her groom represent.

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