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June 1998 Newsletter (5758:10)

Give a Gospel Shout
June 1, 1998
Author: David Brickner

Recently I was seated in a posh restaurant across from a prominent Jewish businessman—I’ll call him Burt. Burt owns a chain of clothing stores staffed by more than 750 employees. He and I met at the invitation of a mutual friend to discuss spiritual matters. It was obvious that this man had heard a witness […]

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As You Pray for This Year’s Campaign…
Author: Victoria Lannon

We thought it might help for you to get a glimpse of those moments when prayer means so much. I literally couldn’t get up from the chair. It was the end of our chapel service during our third week of our 1997 Summer Witnessing Campaign. We had been going out on the streets six days […]

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A Daily Reminder
Author: Peter Rice

Sometimes I reminisce about people I’ve had an opportunity to minister to, and I wonder how their spiritual journey is going. I’ve been in Washington for almost ten years, and many whom I’ve helped lead to faith have since moved away. Some-times God brings us into people’s lives for a brief season, but sometimes ministry […]

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Sent Out
Author: Lyn Bond

I was out studying the Bible with one of our new Jewish believers when Dayle called our office. Is there a Jewish woman there who can tell me why she thinks Jesus is the Messiah?” Gillian, one of the two administrative workers who hold down the fort when we missionaries are out in the field, […]

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Mazel Tov!
Author: Jews for Jesus

Congratulations to all our friends who are getting married this month (or who have children or grandchildren who are getting married). If you are asked to attend a Jewish wedding, the bride and groom will probably be standing beneath a chupah (rhymes with coulda” and the ch is pronounced like a combination kh). The chupah […]

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Bits from the Branches
Author: Jews for Jesus

From the former Soviet Union, outreach worker Leonid Wasserman reports, One week, God blessed me with three people who prayed to accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord! First, there was Evgeni Naumovich. Not long ago, he received a phone call from a relative during one of our visits. Evgeni ended the conversation quickly, saying, […]

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