June 1997 Newsletter (5757:10)

Still on the Cutting Edge
June 1, 1997
Author: Moishe Rosen

In May, 1996, I stepped down from being executive director of Jews for Jesus. Since then, several people have written to me for assurance. They wanted to know that Jews for Jesus would go on in the same bold directions we have always taken, and that creative...

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God’s Multiplication Table
Author: Sharon Freeman

I had sat in those same chairs seven years earlier. After much prayer and consideration, I had left my life of 13 years in Honolulu to come on staff with Jews for Jesus. Upon my arrival at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, the scene contrasted starkly with the...

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Stewardship: Campaign Style
Author: Jennifer Leigh

My fourth New York City Summer Witnessing Campaign was a different experience for me. The previous three times, I served as a campaigner, one who spends all day out on the street talking to people about Jesus. During my fourth year on Campaign, I served as Chief...

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What Do Jews for Jesus Missionaries Dream?
Author: Jews for Jesus

Andrew Barron told our staff about a dream he had (the sleeping kind), and we thought you might enjoy hearing about it. Says Andrew, In the dream I was sitting at our office when [celebrity comedian] Jackie Mason’s lawyer called to say that Jackie had died and...

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The Best Gift
Author: Stan Meyer

Holly, I hope you can speak with my son, Allen,” Tova began. “He’s turning thirteen and I want him to learn about Yeshua, like me. Maybe Stan or someone can talk to him.” Tova had come to faith only months earlier, and this headstrong Israeli...

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A Better Way of Giving
Author: Jews for Jesus

Even if you’re not among those who give regular gifts to Jews for Jesus, we’re pleased that you just care enough to read our newsletter. Maybe you’re one of those very special people who share our vision and have come to share our burden by...

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Bits from the Branches
Author: Jews for Jesus

From the road,” The Liberated Wailing Wall team leader Garrett Smith reports, “With a blown out tire and ripped out air lines, our ‘immobile’ evangelistic team needed very specific Prevost bus parts to make us mobile again. We prayed and soon...

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