February 2012 Newsletter (5772:6)

Jews and Others for Jesus
March 2, 2012
Author: David Brickner

Did you know that Jews for Jesus has led five to ten times as many non-Jews to faith in Christ as Jews?  It may be one of our best-kept secrets (more like a little-known fact since we really aren’t trying to keep it a secret.)  During a recent Jews for Jesus street...

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Bits from the Branches
March 1, 2012
Author: Jews for Jesus

Los Angeles Tuvya Zaretsky reports: “Sheldon doesn’t know Jesus, but he attends our Men’s Fellowship BBQ each month. Recently he brought another Jewish friend, also not a believer, to the fellowship (maybe to give support for his unbelief). Anyway,...

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Answered Prayer in Geneva
Author: Stephen Pacht

Back in October we introduced our new Geneva outpost and requested prayer for the freedom to give out free literature about Jesus in public. Stephen Pacht, who is pioneering the work there, recently sent the following report. Many don’t believe me when I say that in...

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Called to Controversy Sneak Preview
Topics: ruths ramblings
Author: Ruth Rosen

The Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus Since the heart-wrenching session a year earlier with the elder Rosens, Moishe and Ceil had honored Ben’s edict that they have no direct contact with them. They had, however, made it possible for...

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The Message of the Mezuzah
Author: Rich Robinson

Visit the home of an observant Jew, and even some who are secular, and as you enter, you will notice a small rectangular box attached to the outer doorpost. This object is a mezuzah (pronounced mehZUZah; plural is pronounced mehzuZOTE). Though it is small, it carries...

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Announcements and Prayer Requests
Author: Jews for Jesus

This month’s prayer requests from around the world.

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