February 2000 Newsletter (5760:6)

Jews for Jesus and the Church
February 1, 2000
Topics: valentines day
Author: David Brickner

It may seem obvious to some and controversial to others but, regardless of how it seems, I need to say it loud and clear: we Jews for Jesus are part of the Church, the universal Body of Christ, the family of God. Through the shed blood of the Messiah Jesus, we are...

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Valentine’s Day Greetings from Jews for Jesus
Author: Jews for Jesus

We want to say WE LOVE YOU to: Our Jewish mothers for teaching us to wear gloves and to button our coats when we go outside, both of which are helpful when we witness during the winter months. The opposition” who has tried to harass us, intimidate us, frighten...

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Come Join Our Team
Author: Jews for Jesus

We’re looking for committed believers in Jesus to serve in an administrative capacity at our San Francisco headquarters. This is an opportunity for Christians of all backgrounds to become part of the adventure of Jews for Jesus. Current openings include:...

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Jews for Jesus and Your Church
Author: Jews for Jesus

Having received so much from the Church, we in Jews for Jesus want to give something back to our spiritual family. We believe that God has placed us in His Body for a mutual building up of brothers and sisters in Christ. That is one reason why our Jews for Jesus staff...

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A Dozen Good Reasons for Becoming a Disciple

An oldie but goodie by Stuart Dauermann, former staff member of Jews for Jesus, now messianic rabbi of Ahavat Zion in Beverly Hills Synagogue. Not only were the Messiah’s contemporaries on earth His disciples; we, too, ought to be His disciples, for a disciple...

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Moishe’s Musings
Author: Moishe Rosen

I believe the most important thing for each blood-bought child of God is the issue of obedience. I became an evangelist-missionary because God called me into His service. I felt like I was drafted into God’s Army and I wasn’t going to be a draft dodger. I...

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