August 2015 Newsletter (5775:12)

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Summer Outreach Prayer Calendar
July 22, 2015
Author: Jews for Jesus

Use these prayer requests to participate in our outreaches this month and next! See the prayer calendar

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Hello Israel
Author: Jews for Jesus

Here’s your quick Holy Land fact-of-the-month (Hey if you collect these every month, you can create your own trivia game!)

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Tisha B’Av: The Saddest Day On The Jewish Calendar
Author: Rich Robinson

Here’s a great overview about a Jewish day you might not know much about…

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So What?
Author: Jews for Jesus

People don’t know they need to be saved until they know what sin is… here’s a way to explain it that everyone can relate to.

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An Unusual Synagogue Visit
Topics: sexuality, gender
Author: Karol Joseph

JFJ trainees need to understand the cultures within the Jewish culture to communicate grace and truth sensitively—which is why they made this unusual synagogue visit.

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The God Of This World?
Author: Igor Shelest

Here’s a great witnessing tool you can use with people who argue that the evil in the world proves there is no God.

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Is there a Temple in Your Future?
Author: David Brickner

What did Jesus have to say about the Temple? Will the Temple be rebuilt? And does it make any difference to you either way?

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