April 2019 Newsletter (5779:7)

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The Great Innovator: God’s Redemption Defies Expectation
March 19, 2019
Author: David Brickner

God defies human expectations as He meets the deepest human needs, and invites His people to do likewise. That’s why innovation and creativity are a must when it comes to making the gospel known.

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Free from Addiction in Tel Aviv
Author: Jews for Jesus

We often ask you to pray for new Jewish believers in Jesus and are happy to report answers to prayer like this one!

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Pre-Evangelism: What Is It, Why Is It, and How You Can Do It Too
Topics: evangelism
Author: Ruth Rosen

Pre-evangelism really is part of evangelism. Painters know that preparation makes up a big portion of the job and that applies to gospel sharing a well.

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