Issues 22:01 Israel and ISIS

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Dan Sered: Who is this Yeshua?

David Minsky: The Israeli soldier who hid from God

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In our lead article, David Brickner notes that today’s threat from ISIS is not the first time Israel has faced radical fundamentalism from Syria. A madman named Antiochus Ephiphanes tried to wipe out the Jewish people in the second century B.C. The Bible says that a much fiercer enemy of the Jewish people is coming, one known as the anti-Christ (anti-Messiah) or Armilus. Brickner believes that this Armilus may also be a Syrian. Read on!

Can Israel Survive ISIS
Author: David Brickner

Today’s threat from ISIS is not the first time Israel has faced radical fundamentalism from Syria. The modern-day fundamentalism is a flash forward of what the prophet Daniel predicted (and which came to pass in the second century b.c.). But today’s existential threat to Israel is building to a far greater crisis.

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Life in Israel: I Will Fear No Evil
Author: Shimon Eitan

In these times of stress and uncertainty, many people rely on one another to feel supported, holding onto each other for strength. But it is difficult to grip the arm of your friend when the ground seems to be shaking underneath your feet. For the few of us in Israel who believe in Yeshua, we know that the only thing reliable and strong enough to hold us is the Lord.

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An Israeli Soldier and a Believer in Jesus
Author: Yoel Bernstein

Afer Yoel and his five siblings, all born in the U.S., made aliyah with their mom and dad, he and his brother Dan served in an elite unit in the IDF, where both have narrowly escaped death in combat. Yoel, a Messianic Jew, shares his story and reflects on the difficult subject of God’s protection in battle.

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Book Review – Future Hope: A Jewish Christian Look at the End of the World
Author: John Van Dyke

A review of Future Hope, a book by David Brickner, executive director of Jews for Jesus and a fifth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus. Brickner examines prophecies in the Scriptures concerning end times and tells how it is possible to have confidence and hope as these climactic and catastrophic world events unfold.

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