Issues: Science & Faith

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Dr. James Tour is one of the leading chemists in the world. He is also a Jew of Iranian descent who believes in Jesus! Tour says, “Science has actually strengthened my faith.” In this edition, he shares his perspective on evolution and intelligent design (both of which he calls theories), as well as his personal story. We also discuss the issue of human cloning.

A Bridge over the Chasm
Author: James Tour

A famous Jewish chemist made the most important discovery of his life when he opened up the New Testament.

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Human Cloning: In Our Image
Author: Naomi Sternberg

What does the Bible say about human cloning or any technology that threatens to destroy life on its way to achieving a “greater good”?

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An Interview with Nancy Ellen Abrams
Author: Matt Sieger

ISSUES interviews Nancy Ellen Abrams, author of A God That Could be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of our Planet.

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Science and Morality: Lise Meitner and the Nuclear Bomb
Author: Matt Sieger

Lise Meitner, who helped discover nuclear fission in 1938, was as shocked as the rest of the world when the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

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