Issues 08:07 A Messianic Look at Purim

A Messianic Look at Purim

Such a Curse: A Messianic Look at Purim
Author: Mark Stover

Purim is the Jewish holiday which is most carnival-like. Children drown out Haman’s name with greggers. Young Jewish girls participate in Queen Esther beauty pageants. Plays are enacted called Purimspiels. And everyone noshes on poppyseed and prune hamantaschen. Yet, behind the feasting and drinking and partying lies a somber message: the near destruction of the…

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A Letter from Queen Esther
Author: Jews for Jesus

The scene is the bed chamber of Queen Esther on the night before she attempts to approach the king’s throne uninvited. The following letter by Bonnie Wilks is fictitious, yet might well express some of Esther’s sentiments from the background of a Jew, an exile, and an adopted child. She is penning a letter to…

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Short Straw
Topics: vaysechvoos, purim
Author: Susan Perlman

Vaysechvoos is not the kind of place that would have a theater. And though theaters existed somewhere else in the world, it was doubtful that many people in Vaysechvoos had ever heard of them. But plays they knew about. At least one drama was presented each year, though hardly in a manner elaborate enough to…

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