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Issues 02:05 The Rabbi's Dilemma

Le prophète Isaïe sous l'inspiration divine (Isaïe, LXIV, 6 11) by Marc Chagall

The Rabbis’ Dilemma: A Look at Isaiah 53

We have a glorious future and an abundant present if we appropriate the salvation made possible by the One who “was wounded through our transgressions and bruised through our iniquities.”

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Additional Thoughts on Peace
Topics: peace
Author: Jews for Jesus

The most characteristic Jewish greetings are, Shalom—Peace and Lechayim—-Life. These two essential requirements are basic for all human needs—life and peace. -The Vocabulary of Jewish Life, by Abraham Mayer Heller A Chinese sage was asked by a farmer when the world would truly know peace. The sage replied, Follow me.” He then brought him to […]

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A Dream Shared
Topics: our stories, peace
Author: Susan Perlman

I realized I couldn’t turn my back on all the injustices around me.” “All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the Lord hath caused the iniquity of us all to fall upon him.” “I have a dream…” The stirring words of Martin Luther King, Jr., […]

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Why Doesn’t the Messiah Come?
Topics: angels, jesus, judaism
Author: Jews for Jesus

Once there was a poor man who, may God spare us all a like fate, did not have a groschen to his soul. Nevertheless, he sat night and day studying Torah with pure intention, as God has bidden. One Friday morning, when his wife discovered that they did not have the wherewithal to buy the […]

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The Messiah Texts
Author: Rich Robinson

The Messiah Texts by Raphael Patai, (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1989 reprint), $19.95 paperback Everyone knows that through the ages, the sum and substance of Jewish thinking about the Messiah has been reflected in that one statement: When Messiah comes, there will be peace.” Right? Wrong! The Messiah Texts, by Jewish scholar Raphael Patai, […]

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