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If you’re Jewish and want to figure out how Jesus relates to Jewish concerns, this is the publication for you. Also helpful for Jewish believers to read and give to family and friends. If you have a Jewish friend, roommate, co-worker, doctor, or poet laureate (okay, the last one may be a bit unlikely) who is curious and would like to hear from us, you can share our subscription link, or get ISSUES for yourself: click here to subscribe to ISSUES.

A Tiny Dot of Pure White Paint
Author: Edward Brown

God spoke to me just as clearly as in a conversation you might have with your friend over a cup of coffee.

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How to Talk With (and Listen To) God
Author: Matt Sieger

Prayer doesn’t have to be formal or fancy; it’s a conversation with God.

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: Leah’s Dreams
Author: Jews for Jesus

Leah’s dreams about the shtetl always came true. Except once.

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Auschwitz, Mengele, and the God Who Was With Me
Author: Ruth Gottlieb

Ruth Gottlieb escaped the roundup of Jews in France, fled by foot over the Alps – and that’s just the beginning of her adventures.

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Son of a Holocaust Survivor
Author: Barry B.

Jealous of the peace he saw in Christians, Barry B. was afraid he would be betraying his people – until he met a Jewish believer in Jesus.

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My Father the Nazi
Author: Werner Oder

The son of an SS officer, Werner Oder is now grateful to God for the privilege of standing for Israel and the Jews in a world of increasing anti-Semitism.

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Daughter of the Holocaust
Author: Andrea Zaretsky

In some cases, Holocaust survivors have not even told their children they are Jewish. I am one of those children.

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Sobibor’s Sock Knitters
Author: Heatherly Walker

Knitting is just a hobby for me. But in the Nazi death camp of Sobibor in Eastern Poland, knitting saved several Jewish women from death.

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Saturday the Rabbi Read the New Testament
Author: Rich Robinson

The New Testament should resonate with us Jews, not least because it reflects Jewish core values that are part of Jewish life to this day.

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Tikkun Olam: Repairing the World
Author: Stan Meyer

Tikkun olam has become a favorite Hebrew catch phrase for repairing the world. But this is not possible until our own hearts are repaired. Is there someone who can do that?

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Junk Dealer
Author: Susan Perlman

When the junk dealer’s goods appeared to be magically restored, the good citizens of Vaysechvoos was sure Messiah was at the door!

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Meet the Authors
Author: Jews for Jesus

Meet the authors of this edition of ISSUES: Rich Robinson, Stan Meyers and Susan Perlman. Rich Robinson, who wrote “Saturday the Rabbi Read the New Testament” for this edition of ISSUES, shares his story: Coming through the back door Stan Meyer, author of “Tikkun Olam: Reparing the World” in this edition, tells how he found […]

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The Hanukkah-Thanksgiving Connection: Who Knew?
Author: Hannah Fenn

Picture this. You and your extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, parents and grandparents – are gathered for a meal. The table is beautifully set, and a huge feast has been prepared. Many wonderful smells mix in the air. Everyone is eager to eat. The dining room has been decorated with bright, fall-colored leaves and […]

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Delivered from Fear: a Jewish Thanksgiving Story
Author: Robin Blaha

I know that most people don’t think of Thanksgiving as a Jewish holiday. But I always will. That’s because during Thanksgiving weekend 1973, I experienced the most wonderful, most mind-boggling—and most Jewish—moment of my entire life. It made me truly thankful on that Thanksgiving and every day since. Believe me, what happened that weekend was […]

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The Mathematics of the Holiday Collision
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Jews for Jesus

Hanukkah 2013 will be quite literally a once-in-a-lifetime event. That’s because the first night of Hanukkah, November 27, will fall the night before Thanksgiving. So the first day of Hanukkah will fall on Thanksgiving Day. And it won’t happen again until the year 79,811![1] Thanksgiving was formally established by President Lincoln in 1863 as the […]

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Bonus Features!
Author: Jews for Jesus

Watch an exciting episode of our animated feature, “Kosher Joe: Do you Believe in Chrismukkah?” And find a great recipe for latkes (to serve with your Thanksgiving turkey!).

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Rabbis, Skeptics and the Suffering Messiah
Author: Daniel Mann

If anyone was a skeptic about Jews believing in Jesus, I was. Born to second-generation Jewish American parents in Brooklyn, I experienced much anti-Semitism growing up in the 1950s and ’60s. Since my persecutors weren’t Jewish, I assumed they were Christian. When I was fourteen, there was talk that a certain Jewish family in my neighborhood had converted to Christianity. I was filled with disgust. How could Jews do such a thing?

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Pedaling with a Purpose
Author: Hans Myors

  I’m not famous like three-time Tour de France winner Greg LeMond, I’ve never cycled competitively. But since 1993, I’ve cycled the equivalent of almost nine times around the equator! Why? I have always loved touring on my bike. But on four consecutive nights in February 1993 I dreamt I was traveling by bicycle. Except […]

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Why Aren’t Our People Told This?
Author: Matt Sieger

Many Jewish refugees from Russia settled in Omaha, Nebraska, between the 1880s and World War I. Among them were Debbie Landers’ grandparents. Landers, born Deberah Schwartz in Omaha in 1951, and her younger sister were raised Orthodox by their parents. The Schwartzes were one of just four Jewish families in a primarily Catholic neighborhood. Unfortunately, […]

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All Creatures Great and Small: Who Made Them All?
Author: Matt Sieger

A motorcycle accident at age 28 left David Farber with one functioning limb—his right arm—and one functioning eye and ear. But it didn’t deter his passion for travel and photography. He has journeyed to Alaska and Africa to photograph everything from moose to wildebeest to hippos. Before the accident, Farber was an avid hiker. “My […]

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