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III. How to have a personal relationship with God

We have learned some basic truths about God and Yeshua: that the all-powerful Creator of heaven and earth is both loving and forgiving toward us.   that Yeshua came to earth and gave his life as a ransom to save us from the consequences of our sins. Now we will learn how to enter into a personal relationship with God.  God already knows you.  You can know God, too.   Two things are required for a person to know God personally. Read about faith and repentance in this section.
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How to have a personal relationship with God – Interactive Study Guide

In Jeremiah 17:9, God was telling the prophet Jeremiah: we can solve the problem of sin by understanding the heart of the sinner. Incorrect: the verse points out that human hearts are so deceitful that it’s beyond peoples’ ability to understand. all human beings have a spiritual heart problem and that’s why we all struggle […]

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2. A Story and an Invitation
Author: Rich Hastings

This is a beautiful portrait of confessing sin and trusting in God’s forgiveness. Likewise, the New Testament gives another picture of what it is like to turn from our sins and to God. Here is the full story: Jesus continued: “There was a man who had two sons. The younger one said to his father, […]

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1. Repentance and Faith
Author: Rich Hastings

Now that we have seen who Yeshua is and what he has done for us, how can we know God personally and experience the forgiveness of our sins and the fullness of life (which the Bible calls “salvation”) that God offers? The answer is by simply placing our trust in Yeshua as our sin-bearer, turning […]

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