Havurah Volume 16 Number 03

From Generation to Generation: A Tale of Two Kings
Topics: king david, solomon
Author: Aaron Trank

From Generation to Generation: A Tale of Two Kings
by Aaron Trank

Forty years ago the world of Jewish missions was altered forever. That was when Moishe Rosen incorporated Hineni Ministries in San Francisco and began reaching out to the Jewish community with the gospel under the slogan: "Jews for Jesus."

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Jewish Community, and We’re Not in Kansas Anymore
Author: Rich Robinson

I am sitting here googling on, um, Google, to see what might have transpired 40 years ago. Why, you might ask?

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Havurah Interview: Rabbi Michael Robert Wolf
Author: Jews for Jesus

By now you may have heard about the full-length movie, The Sound of the Spirit, directed by Messianic Rabbi Michael Robert Wolf of Beth Messiah Congregation, Cincinnati, OH (www.bethmessiah.net). The film is an exploration of what happens when a bat-mitzvah age Messianic Jewish girl, having lost both parents, goes to live with non-believing Jewish relatives. Rivka, the protagonist, is played in a stunning performance by Anna Lasbury.

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