Havurah Volume 15 Number 03

Sveta Family

Sveta and Misha
Author: Jews for Jesus

These articles — a memorial by Sveta’s husband Misha, and Sveta’s own story — have been edited only slightly in order to preserve their own voices. They have been translated into English from the original Russian. In the first article, Misha, a Jewish believer in Jesus, also tells how he has been processing the loss of his…

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If You’re Ever In Romania … or Chicago
Author: Ruth Rosen

If you’re ever in Romania, do me a favor: visit the Merry Cemetery. Yes, that’s really it’s name, and its uniqueness will make you smile. A lot of thought went into Merry Cemetery. According to the web site, “Instead of the usual boring stone grave markers and marble mausoleums that populate just about every other…

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Our Losses, Our Thoughts
Author: Jews for Jesus

For memorial comments or videos, please see the web links given below. Jhan Moskowitz, 1948–2012 Stan Telchin, 1924–2012 Holly Meyer, 1957–2011 Sveta Karpovetski, 1980—2012 Zecher tzaddik livrachah. The memory of the righteous will be a blessing. Proverbs 10:7

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