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Havurah Volume 05 Number 03

Yeshua, Yom Kippur And You
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Stephen Katz

Yom Kippur can be somewhat of a conundrum to Jewish believers in Yeshua. Do we fast and confess our sins like the rest of the Jewish community or do we rejoice in the knowledge that we’re forgiven in Messiah? I remember my first Yom Kippur as a new believer. I had received the Lord in […]

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David Lewinsohn
Topics: yom kippur
Author: David Lewinsohn

I was raised in a traditional Jewish home in Melbourne, Australia. My grandparents were killed in the Holocaust. Our family were founding members of the Moorabbin and Districts Hebrew Congregation, where I attended weekly until I was 19. I married a Jewish woman in 1974, but we were divorced in 1989. I married again in […]

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Laura Mawer
Topics: our stories
Author: Laura Mawer

I always had a strong Jewish identity, but it disturbed me that I didn’t know what God expected from me as a Jew. In college I even kept kosher for a while, but this didn’t bring me closer to God. It seemed there had to be something more. In my thirties I began to explore […]

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Merle Kout
Topics: our stories
Author: Merle Kout

I spent my childhood attending two different neighborhood synagogues for the High Holidays. I remember the awesome dignity of the men as they approached the bimah, in contrast to the sights and sounds of the congregation as they sat and visited during the service. I didn’t shy away from religious observance. Actually, I went to […]

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Yom Kippur and You: How Some Jewish Believers Observe the Day
Topics: yom kippur
Author: Jews for Jesus

I observe the fast to the end that God would bang on the hearts of our unsaved families.

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