Havurah Volume 03 Number 01

Tribute to the Real Hero
Topics: purim
Author: Stephen Katz

There I stood, “Super Mordechai,” in my red-dyed long underwear, sporting a cape and a big “M” emblazoned on my thermal undershirt. I’m not sure if the costume shaped my understanding of Purim or vice versa, but for most of my life I have...

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Hazel Stone: May Her Memory Be Blessed
Author: Jeanne Waterman

I was a new believer when I began attending the Jews for Jesus Bible study in San Francisco in 1983. Each week, about twenty minutes into the study, an elderly woman carrying a white shopping bag would shuffle her way to a front row seat. It was not uncommon to hear...

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Losing All; Gaining All
Author: Ruth Horak

I was born in Czechoslovakia in 1935. Our family owned one of the largest textile factories in the Czech Republic. In 1940, when the Germans occupied this area, they first took the industrialists, and my father was sent to the Warsaw Ghetto. We never saw him again. In...

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Messianic Scribal Arts: Megillot in North Carolina?
Topics: purim

The hills of western rural North Carolina seem an unlikely home for Messianic Scribal Arts, a ministry which produces hand-scribed Hebrew scrolls of both the Old and New Testament Scriptures. Lisa and Deborah Bisol—who are both sisters and artists—also create...

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