Welcome to the Raging ’20s!
January 17, 2020

I woke up on January 1st to an unusually large number of text messages, the cleverest being, “Welcome to the roaring ’20s!” But three Jewish people had just been shot and killed less than 30 minutes from my house. Five more had been stabbed an hour away at a Hanukkah party. The progressive and prosperous era of the 1920s had never felt so far away.

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God Uses Dogs to Open Doors
January 13, 2020

Find out how an adorable furry friend helped this Jewish woman find her Messiah.

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Love Hurts: A Valentine’s reflection

When it comes to love, Yeshua (Jesus) points out what cards, candy, flowers or special dinners won’t.

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You are bringing life to Jewish people in a city where they once found only death
January 10, 2020

Our Berlin branch shares the gospel with diverse Jewish people in Berlin, including this formerly ultra-Orthodox man.

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A Divine Appointment in Berlin

He meant to say thank you in German but it came out in Hebrew—and that was no mistake!

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You Are Shining the Gospel through Shabbat!
December 9, 2019

Here’s how your partnership helps create a warm, welcoming, and very Jewish way to explore the message of Jesus.

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Two Kingdoms, One King: Election Year Thoughts

Today’s political climate is not conducive to spiritual health, so we need to focus on this promise.

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Please Be Praying for This Three-Point 2020 Vision

Please pray for Jews for Jesus as we look to accomplish these three gospel outreach initiatives in 2020.

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A Los Angeles Couple Find Spiritual Unity in Jesus

He didn’t seem interested in the gospel but then this happened.

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An Israeli Couple Finds Spiritual Unity in Jesus

Ministry to couples is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do. Here’s why.

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Did You Know? Christmas Facts

Did You Know? Christmas Facts These four fast facts about Christmas are bound to make you “that guy” at your next dinner party. You’re welcome. When Santa Claus began coming down peoples’ chimneys The character of Santa Claus is actually based on a bishop named...

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When Jesus Was Actually Born

When Jesus Was Actually Born Christmas is the worst. And not in a “Bah! Humbug!” way. Why? Because the most anticipated event in Jewish history – the coming of the Messiah – has been hijacked and distorted beyond recognition. I’m Jewish and I follow Yeshua (Jesus),...

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Jews and Christmas: An International Perspective

“When the 2013 Pew survey revealed that 4 percent of American Orthodox Jews reported having a Christmas tree, I was shocked! What’s more, the study indicated that one-third of all American Jews claim to have a Christmas tree, as well. I began to wonder if the Jewish relationship with Christmas was more complicated than I had realized.”

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100 percent

100% Jewish. 100% Christian. How does that work? How can you be Jewish and Christian? People often think these terms are mutually exclusive. But the word “Christian” doesn’t mean “Gentile”; it literally means “follower of Messiah.” After all, all of Jesus’ first...

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Jews for Jesus helps lead synagogue services
November 25, 2019

You know God is at work when a mainstream synagogue invites a team of Jews for Jesus to come help lead their high holiday services!

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Your Partnership Moves Hearts in Moscow!
November 21, 2019

Take an inside look at God’s power to save Jewish people in Russia!

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That’s Dedication: Hanukkah and the Theology of Non-Conformists

Christians can learn a lot from the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah, particularly when it comes to the value of resisting mainstream culture.

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LiveChat leads to another salvation story

Your partnership helps us connect personally with Jewish people who are looking for answers on the internet.

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12 Ways to Help Your Church Make Jewish Visitors Comfortable

Adapt these suggestions to help all kinds of visitors feel more comfortable in your congregation.

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Thanksgiving: so much more than a food fest!
November 1, 2019

Find out why the spirit of Thanksgiving is so important to the health and well-being of the church.

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