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Does Jews for Jesus “Just Want to Lure Jews and Convert Them to Christianity?”
May 20, 2018

An accusation we sometimes hear is that we deceptively try to attract Jewish people and “white wash” them into losing their identity and faith. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

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Faith after the Holocaust
April 24, 2018

People often describe the Holocaust as the climax of 2,000 years of Christian mistreatment of Jews. Some invoke the Shoah as the ultimate reason for Jews not to believe in Jesus.

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Why Did Jesus Need to “Die for Our Sins?”
April 20, 2018

One of the popular myths about Judaism is that there is no place in Jewish thought for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person, yet both the Bible and Jewish tradition have much to say about dying so that another might have forgiveness.

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Don’t Christians Believe in Three Gods?

It’s a very common misrepresentation that while Jews believe in one God, Christians believe in three. The fact is that Christianity is as firmly monotheistic as Judaism.

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Why Do Most Jews Not Believe in Jesus?
March 28, 2018
Author: Stan Meyer

While there are Messianic Jews who do follow Him, the majority of Jews still do not recognize Jesus as messiah or as God. Read about the common cultural, historical and religious reasons here.

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What Proof Do You Have That Jesus Is the Messiah?
February 8, 2018

Is there any proof that Jesus is the Messiah? Jewish sages and prophets taught that the Messiah would be a descendant of King David and Solomon, be born in Bethlehem, work miracles, suffer and die on behalf of the people, rise from the dead, and be called the Son of God. We believe the evidence speaks for itself. Find out more!

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Jesus’ References to Old Testament Scriptures
May 16, 2017

The Torah is foundational to Judaism. That is why this article lists many references to the Old Testament found on the lips of Jesus in the Gospels.

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“Jesus can’t be the Messiah. He didn’t bring peace!”
July 15, 2016

The Jewish understanding and expectation of the Messiah comes from hundreds of messianic prophesies found in the Tanach. These prophecies have been generally sorted into two categories: some passages describe a man rejected and humble, suffering quietly (Isaiah 52:13-53:12 being the most prominent), while others describe a victorious king, justly ruling over a world transformed by the universal knowledge of God (i.e. Isaiah 11:1-9).

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Top 40 Most Helpful Messianic Prophecies
January 15, 2015

Jews for Jesus has curated approximately 40 of the most helpful messianic prophecies along with their New Testament fulfillments.

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Isaiah 53
August 2, 2013

Isaiah 53 Who do you think Isaiah 53 speaks of? Here are some articles to help you consider it. In his rabbinical training, Rachmiel Frydland found that discussion of Isaiah 53 was continually avoided.[Read More] Author Efraim Goldstein says there is only one man who...

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How can someone die for someone else’s sins?
June 30, 2011
Topics: theology

Articles Whatever Happened to the Substitute Atonement of the Torah? by Louis Goldberg Is there any place in the Hebrew Scriptures or Jewish tradition for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person? Atonement: Questions and answers by Karol Joseph...

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Some Jewish Views of Jesus

I couldn’t help writing on Jesus. Since I first met him he has held my mind and heart. I grew up, you know, on the border of Poland and Russia, which was not exactly the finest place in the world for a Jew to sit down and write a life of Jesus Christ. Yet even...

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What are some passages in the Hebrew Bible that talk about the Messiah?

What are some passages in the Hebrew Bible that talk about the Messiah?   The (Jewish) writers of the New Testament asserted that the Old Testament spoke of a coming Messiah and quoted from it extensively to prove their point. Even Jesus himself – whom many...

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Does Almah Mean Young Woman or Virgin?
January 1, 2006

Does Almah Mean Young Woman or Virgin? A common argument raised against the virgin birth and against the New Testament’s reference to Isaiah 7:14, is that the Hebrew word ‘almah does not mean virgin, and Jews do not believe in such a thing as a virgin...

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The Problem of the Curse on Jeconiah in Relation to the Genealogy of Jesus
January 1, 2005

The Problem of the Curse on Jeconiah in Relation to the Genealogy of Jesus The problem can be laid out in this way: According to the genealogy in Matthew 1:12, Jesus is a descendant of Jeconiah. But Jeconiah was cursed in Jeremiah 22:24 and 22:30: As surely as I...

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The kapparah ceremony in Judaism
Topics: theology

There is a ceremony in Judaism known as Kapparah, in which a rooster or hen is put to death on the eve of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, as a vicarious sacrifice for sin. Once widely observed, it is nearly obsolete in modern times. The atoning nature of the...

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The Akedah in Jewish tradition

Jewish tradition has much to say about dying so that another might have forgiveness. This page focuses on Jewish traditions about the Akedah. The Hebrew word akedah” means “binding” and refers to the well-known story in Genesis 22, in which God...

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Christians Persecute Jews

Persecution in the name of Jesus is the most emotionally charged strand of the net of objections. More than anything else, many people point to Christian anti-Semitism” as a reason to dismiss Jesus. When Jewish people find themselves questioning whether Jesus...

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Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Zechariah 12:10

Some say that Zechariah 12:10 refers to the Gentile nations who mourn because of the Jewish martyrs (or a particular unknown martyr) they have killed. Yet that is not the universal Jewish understanding. According to the views of some rabbis, two Messiahs would make...

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Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53

It’s commonly maintained that Isaiah 53 was never considered messianic by rabbis and Jewish sages. Sometimes the statement is phrased as, “Judaism teaches” that Isaiah 53 refers to the nation of Israel. The fact is that Isaiah 53 (more precisely,...

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Is Psalm 2 considered messianic by the rabbis and Jewish sages?

Is Psalm 2 considered messianic by the rabbis and Jewish sages? Though some say that Psalm 2 is not considered messianic by the rabbis or Jewish sages, the Jewish messianic understanding of Psalm 2 has a long history. Some of the rabbinic sources which take a...

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In Psalm 2:12, is Kiss the Son a mistranslation by the Christians?

Some claim that translating the word bar” (in Psalm 2:12) as “son” rather than as “purity” is a distortion of the Hebrew text in order to make the verse apply to Jesus. It is also claimed that this is not a Jewish interpretation of the...

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In Psalm 22:16 is they pierced a Christian mistranslation?

Psalm 22:16 is one verse where the standard Jewish translations differ from the translations most Christians use. Here’s why. In Hebrew, the phrase they have pierced” is kaaru while “like a lion” is kaari. The words are identical except that...

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Are the “Messianic Prophecies” in the Past Tense, So Not About a Future Messiah at All?

Are the “Messianic Prophecies” in the Past Tense, So Not About a Future Messiah at All? Hebrew Tenses Sometimes it is claimed that the messianic prophecies cited by Christians are in the past tense. Therefore, it is said, they cannot refer to a future, coming Messiah....

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Atonement: Questions and Answers
Author: Karol Joseph

Note: Elaine the correspondent is fictional, but Karol Joseph is real and serves on the staff of Jews for Jesus. She can be...

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How Jewish Was Paul?
May 4, 2000

A person is either Jewish or not Jewish, and few actually believe that Paul was not. Hyam Maccoby is virtually alone in his opinion that Paul was a gentile. 1 However, if we can speak of the extent to which one demonstrates Jewish identity as that person’s...

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