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If you’re Jewish and not a believer in Jesus, you may wonder what kind of Jewish people have embraced Jesus as the Messiah, and how or why they did so. In that case, please visit our publication ISSUES, where you’ll find perspectives of Jewish believers in Jesus on a variety of topics.

God alone is the source.

True Love
January 19, 2017

Some declarations of love are not exactly honest and may actually be harmful—even if that’s not what would-be lovers intend.

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Hope for a new year

Hope for a New Year
December 15, 2016

As we start the year with fresh hope, it seems like the odds are stacked against us. According to a recent U.S. News & World Report study, eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions are bound to fail. Even in light of that number, I’m not a cynic—I’m an optimist. But my hope is grounded in […]

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Weird New York T-shirts

November 16, 2016
Author: David Brickner

  “You’re weird!” she blurted out to me. I was in the fifth grade and was trying to win a young girl’s affection. Her remark assaulted my confidence, so I slunk away hot-faced with embarrassment. I thought about this incident recently when I participated in a special Jews for Jesus outreach in New York City. One […]

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Making God smile
November 15, 2016
Author: David Brickner

It’s only human to focus on our problems, of course. But no matter what problems we may be facing, we still have so many reasons to thank God.

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A triple play
September 22, 2016

With the World Series coming up, some might wonder if by “triple play” I mean that most rare event that makes baseball fans cheer ecstatically. I am an avid fan, but I’m actually referring to a Jewish triple play—because it’s rare that all three of the Fall Feasts of Israel occur in the month of October. Don’t worry, I’m not going to pronounce the end of the world… though there is plenty of prophetic significance to these feasts.

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Hurt, humility and honor
August 29, 2016

One of my favorite Bible ?stories is the unlikely tale of two lives unexpectedly entwined through terrible tragedy and profound desperation. It’s a story of surprising twists and transforming faith, and you’ll find it in 2 Kings, chapter 5. The story opens with Naaman, commander of the Syrian army, and a young Israeli servant.

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Catastrophe and Communion
July 25, 2016

This month many Jewish people will join in mourning over an especially tragic date. According to Jewish tradition,Tisha b’Av—or the ninth day of the month of Av—is the date of destruction for both the first and second temples in Jerusalem.

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Our Mysterious Family
July 1, 2016

All believers – Jews and Gentiles—have been adopted into God’s forever family

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The Cost of Reconciliation
June 1, 2016

Do you know that even today, some scorn Christianity because we are required to forgive our enemies? They just don’t realize that apart from Jesus, we are all enemies of God!

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Loving the Gospel
March 23, 2016

I recently asked our Jews for Jesus leadership team to be intentional in finding ways to encourage one another, recognizing that we live in an age of cynicism. We agreed that we want to consciously guard against that culture seeping into our own hearts and communities, and to help one another remember that it “should not be so among us.”

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Holiday Outreach!
February 23, 2016

Here are some fun photos to inspire you to pray for our Purim outreaches this month

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Life from the Dead
February 22, 2016

This is the message of hope and life that everyone needs!

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More about campus outreach
January 27, 2016

Get a glimpse of how we connect with students at Northwestern University in Chicago

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It could have been me
January 26, 2016
Author: Joshua Turnil

Our Paris branch leader tells one man’s story of salvation in the wake of the November 13 attacks.

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Terrorism, Secularism and God
Author: Karl deSouza

One of our Paris missionaries reflects on the November 13 attacks, and how a massacre like this affects ministry.

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College Search

Campus outreach is part of our ministry’s DNA. Here’s why we’re doing the same thing differently

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The Unchanging Resolution

David’s thoughts for the new year include a commitment to staying the same by being different.

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Cyril Gordon, faithfully bringing the Son to Venice Beach for the last 15 years—find out about this unique outreach!

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December Dilemma?
December 11, 2015

For many Jewish people, December presents a dilemma. Regardless of the commercialization of Christmas.

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Hanukkah Outreach in Paris
December 10, 2015

Paris mayor asks team to stop handing out New Testaments, yet listens carefully to our missionary’s testimony. Find out what’s going on and how you can pray for this week’s gospel outreach in Paris

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Pray For Our December Outreaches
December 3, 2015

Pray for our teams all over the world as they are out greeting shoppers with the gospel. See our holiday literature and read the story of one woman who received it!

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What About The Prayers Of Unbelievers?
November 23, 2015
Author: Ruth Rosen

This personal witnessing story deals with questions about God answering the prayers of unbelievers.

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Shining God’s Light in Odessa

Stories from the Hanukkah outreach in Odessa will encourage you!

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Making The Most Of Every Opportunity
Author: Igor Spivak

We never know how much time we have to do what matters most; this story from Kharkov shows why.

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A Great Miracle Happened Here

God sometimes performs miracles for an audience of one, but His miracles for the multitudes are also meant to be taken personally.

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Thank God for Chesed
October 28, 2015
Author: Rich Robinson

What is God’s chesed and why should we remember it this Thanksgiving?

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