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Lyn Bond is a senior missionary at the San Francisco branch of Jews for Jesus. Lyn has a master's degree in Missiology with an emphasis in Jewish Studies from Fuller School of World Mission. She is the daughter of the ministry’s founder, Moishe Rosen. Lyn worked at the Chicago branch work for many years alongside her husband, Alan. They have two adult children: Asher and Bethany.

Resurrection: Rabbinic Judaism, Hebrew Scripture and the New Testament
Author: Lyn Bond

Is resurrection only a Christian concept? Can it be traced to biblical and traditional Judaism–both the Hebrew Scriptures and the rabbis? Where does Jesus fit in? Read here.

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God’s Timetable
January 1, 2004
Author: Lyn Bond

There is only one gospel: Jesus Christ, the Messiah died and rose again so that those who believe and receive Him can have eternal fellowship with God. John 3:16 is most succinct on this: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever...

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Sometimes You Just Go On
December 1, 2001
Topics: hanukkah
Author: Lyn Bond

Behold Your God Chicago was in its fourth and final week when it happened. Teams of people were handing out gospel tracts on the streets even as the World Trade Center was hit. I was home when it happened, getting ready to go and visit two women for individual Bible...

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Clouds Without Rain
September 1, 1999
Author: Lyn Bond

I was handing out gospel tracts near Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. The sultry, still weather of the first weeks of school were behind us. It was a brisk fall day and the leaves were flying past me, their warm hues reminding me that the days of warm...

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Author: Lyn Bond

Book Title: Betrayed! Author: Stan Telchin Date Published: June 1, 2007 Publisher: Chosen Books; Revised edition Genre: 1. Judaism 2. Messianic Judaism 3. Teens ISBN: 978-0800794231 Reviewer: Lyn Rosen Bond Purchase this online as a book or audio cassette. Stan...

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Purim: An Answer To A Promise
Author: Lyn Bond

Of all the happy holidays in the Jewish calendar, Purim, the Feast of Esther, is a favorite. What makes it so popular? Is it the fragrant hamantashen, with their sticky-sweet surprises of poppy seed or prune filling ? Is it the fun of dressing up in costume to emulate...

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