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Laura Barron is a missionary at the Toronto branch of Jews for Jesus. Along with her husband Andrew, who heads up the Jews for Jesus work in Canada, Laura pioneered the South African ministry of Jews for Jesus. She is a fluent Hebrew speaker and regularly takes part in the organization’s outreach ministry in Israel. Laura and Andrew have three children: Rafael, Ketzia and Simona.

Why Laura’s faith stuck, and while delving deeper into her Jewish heritage, she still decided to follow Jesus.
November 1, 2016
Topics: our stories
Author: Laura Barron

Laura Barron spent her childhood years in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Rye, New York.  Her father was a doctor and her mother was a teacher.  Her parents grew up in a tight-knit Jewish community in Dayton, Ohio and had known each other from school. While this could...

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Passover Plagues: Ten Days of Devotions
March 25, 2015
Author: Laura Barron

These ten days of devotions give insight into parts of the Passover story that you might be overlooking.

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Why Would a Good God send Plagues at Passover?
Author: Laura Barron

The Passover plagues reveal an important part of the story of redemption. Find out how.

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Holy Spirit Harvest
May 16, 2014
Author: Laura Barron

How often do we mistake our need to be faithful with what God needs (or doesn’t need) to win people to Himself? This encouraging story reminds us of the difference.

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Summer Fishing Trip

Summer Fishing Trip
May 29, 2013
Author: Laura Barron

No, this is not an essay about how I spent my summer vacation! I’m talking about the Scriptural metaphor “fishers of men” (and women!) I remember our founder Moishe Rosen saying that if we communicate the message of Jesus loudly and clearly enough...

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A Different Kind of Fitness
March 3, 2012
Author: Laura Barron

“Chag sameach!” she greeted me as I approached my locker at the gym. I smiled back and wished her the same. (The greeting, pronounced “khog sah-may-ahkh” means happy holiday.) As we chatted, Rachel (not her real name) asked me how I would be...

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It Never Just So Happens
March 6, 2011
Author: Laura Barron

Kathy walked in the door with big, funny glasses and a clown nose—which was absolutely appropriate since we were hosting a Jews for Jesus Purim party. As we began reading through the Megillah (the book of Esther), whirling our graggers (noisemakers) loudly at every...

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In the Kitchen of Clara Rubin
Topics: recipes
Author: Laura Barron

Clara Rubin’s parents came from Russia to the United States in 1911. She was born five years later in Brooklyn, New York. Her family had fled the pogroms of Russia for this haven of freedom, but life was difficult and money was scarce. The medical dispensary in...

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Chain of Events
May 1, 1993
Author: Laura Barron

As I picked up the telephone at our Johannesburg office I was blasted by a woman’s angry voice. How could you send this stuff to me? My name is Elaine and I’m Jewish—and more than that, I’m offended that someone gave my name to Jews for Jesus!”...

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She Really Wanted the Truth
December 1, 1992
Topics: christmas
Author: Laura Barron

I met Patricia when her friend suggested that she contact Jews for Jesus. The friend had heard one of our missionaries give a presentation at her church and had recognized our ministry as a solution to Patricia’s problems. Patricia, a Jewish woman, was married...

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From New Age to New Birth
June 1, 1991
Topics: new age
Author: Laura Barron

I’m glad I answered the phone that day! A Christian was calling the Jews for Jesus South Africa office to give one of our missionaries the name of her Jewish friend. This Christian woman had lent a Jesus for Jews book to Susan, who was spiritually hungry. Susan...

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The Fruit of Suffering
July 1, 1990
Author: Laura Barron

At our Johannesburg Jews for Jesus Friday night fellowship we were studying the book of Job. It is not easy to accept the fact that suffering could be a gift from God, and even a blessing, but something special happened at the meeting that clearly brought this lesson...

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