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Jay Sekulow: How a Jewish Lawyer from Brooklyn Came to Believe in Jesus
January 1, 2005
Topics: our stories
Author: Jay Sekulow

I came to the courtroom early, before the proceedings began. The podium was adjustable, right? I lowered it. I’m five feet, seven and a half inches tall and the last thing I needed was to be standing up on the tips of my toes to reach the podium! When I came back later, for the […]

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My Mother and Mastercard
June 1, 1987
Author: Jay Sekulow

People who meet my mother say that we are alot alike. There is a major difference, though; I am a Jew who believes in Jesus, and my mother is a Jew who does not. Well, more about my mother later. I am an attorney, and I serve as General Counsel with Jews for Jesus. It […]

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