Asaph and Me
Author: Jack Sternberg

My Jewish friend told me that he had found his Judaism and the God of Judaism at that church. He was now, for the first time, truly proud and excited to be Jewish. I was shocked but curiously intrigued.

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Banana Evangelism
August 1, 2004
Author: Jack Sternberg

Ed.: We received the following true story from a member of our Board of Directors. I realized that many of our friends and supporters know almost nothing about this group of men and women who work hard on their own time to exercise oversight for our ministry. I thought that you might enjoy a glimpse…

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My Search for Truth
March 1, 1993
Topics: purim
Author: Jack Sternberg

At the age of 33 I was a Jewish physician living in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had finished my medical oncology training at M.D. Anderson Tumor Institute, Houston, Texas, and was already board certified. I had been in private practice in medical oncology for more than three years, and my practice was successful beyond my…

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