The Gospel Is Not for Sale
August 1, 1988

One day shortly after I had taken up my new missionary post in Toronto, I stood on the busy downtown corner of Yonge and Dundas to distribute our broadside gospel literature. It was right across the street from the Eaton Centre, a large shopping mall, and in the...

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A Modern Day Agora
September 1, 1987
Topics: rosh hashanah

In ancient times the social life of a city revolved around the agora, the marketplace at the city gate. The agora was where people converged with their merchandise to trade necessary goods. It was also the place where they exchanged ideas and passed on valuable,...

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The Star Of David
November 1, 1979

The Star Of David The congregation was afraid and the pastor seemed concerned. I was seated in the last pew, waiting to come forward and give a Jews for Jesus presentation, as the pastor cautioned his people: “The Star of David, the six-pointed symbol of the...

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