A Dozen Good Reasons for Becoming a Disciple
February 1, 2000

An oldie but goodie by Stuart Dauermann, former staff member of Jews for Jesus, now messianic rabbi of Ahavat Zion in Beverly Hills Synagogue. Not only were the Messiah’s contemporaries on earth His disciples; we, too, ought to be His disciples, for a disciple...

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Moses—Rejected by Man and Even by Himself, But Not by God (Exodus 1-4)*
February 1, 1991

A. THE SITUATION—Humanly speaking, the Egypt situation for the Hebrews was going from bad to worse. 1. Influential Joseph and his entire generation were dead (1:6). 2. The beneficent Pharaoh Connection” was gone (1:8). 3. The new Pharaoh wanted the Hebrews...

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Reaching the People of the Book
April 1, 1989

The Jewish people are known as the people of the Book,” referring to the Bible, but in general they read a great deal. I have discovered that along with the Scriptures, I can use well-chosen publications effectively in reaching my people for our Messiah. For...

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Lessons in Prayer from an Unfavorite Son
March 1, 1989

Of all the patriarchs and prophets of Israel, probably none are maligned as frequently as Jacob. Many dismiss him as a usurping, conniving self-seeker, citing his bargain with Esau over the birthright and his subsequent acquisition of Isaac’s blessing. Since...

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Capsules of Fact About the Jewish Bible
February 1, 1989

Jewish practice places Old Testament Scripture in different order than most Christian Bible readers are accustomed to seeing. Traditionally these Scriptures are divided into three sections. They are the Law (Torah), The Prophets (N’viim) and The Writings...

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Psalm 73: A Case Study of a Spiritual Illness and Recovery
September 1, 1988

In the Bible we often encounter people who stood for God, yet sometimes floundered and fell. They had their trials as well as their triumphs. They knew the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, and their experiences provide valuable insights to all believers in...

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Joseph: The Triumph of Faith in the Midst of Bondage
May 1, 1988

There is a lie abroad nowadays in the church. It takes various forms, depending upon the context in which it is found. Sometimes it appears as a soft assertion; sometimes it is a bold declaration of principle, vigorously defended. More often, it is an unspoken...

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Christ Is Risen—So What?
April 1, 1987

From even a cursory reading of the New Testament, it becomes apparent that the Resurrection of Christ was the central truth which occupied the minds and dynamized” the lives of the early Christians. Yet it seems that today’s believers have lost a sense of...

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Messiah in the Jewish Liturgy
October 1, 1986

It is important for our Jewish friends and relatives to realize that concern with the coming of the Messiah is not a Jewish-Christian fixation” of some kind. On the contrary, the coming of the Messiah used to be—and still ought to be—the central theme of our...

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Seven Circles of Certainty (If Yeshua Isn’t the Messiah, Who Is?)
February 1, 1986

In presenting Old Testament information about the Messiah to unbelievers, it is helpful to structure the material in as uncomplicated a manner as possible. Use Scripture passages that go from the general to the specific. That is, present the evidence to demonstrate...

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The Marvelous Minority
January 1, 1986

The 13th and 14th chapters of Numbers describe the Jewish people coming to the border of the Promised Land. God commanded Moses to send out 12 spies, each a leader of his respective tribe, and in Numbers 13:17-20 Moses briefed them, saying: Get you up this way into...

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10 Principles of Witnessing from John 4
September 1, 1985

1. Do not isolate yourself from the sinners and outcasts” around you. John 4 deals with our Lord’s witness to a Samaritan, ordinarily despised and avoided by “respectable” Jews. In addition to being a Samaritan, she was a woman with a bruised...

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I Used to Like Non-Christians
July 1, 1985

When I was a teenager, one of my best friends was a fellow named Sal. We really loved one another with that joyous, laughter-filled love that comes too seldom in a lifetime. Often our chess games would be interrupted by bellyaching laughter as we exchanged jokes,...

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Five Road Signs on the Christian Road
June 1, 1985

One of the most appealing Bible promises is abundant life for the followers of Jesus (John 10:10). Yet many Christians would readily admit that their lives are too rarely experiences of abundance. On the Christian road many find themselves experiencing one...

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Interesting Facts About the Book of Psalms
April 1, 1985

Authorship of the Psalms Although only 73 psalms may be traced surely to David and are attributed to him, early Jewish tradition attributed the entire book to him. The psalms are commonly called The Psalms of David.” This is generally borne out by ancient Jewish...

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Yeshua… Why That Name?

Recently, the subject of names became very important to me, as my wife and I anticipated the birth of our first child. Being from an Ashkenazic background, our choices of names were narrowed—and aided—somewhat by the tradition of naming one’s children after...

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What Happened When I Read a Forbidden Book

I was no longer able to discount the New Testament as “someone else’s religion,” for it spoke directly to the dry and barren areas of need in my life. My animosity toward Jesus had been replaced with respect, then love, and finally faith.

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A Decision To Make
April 1, 1979

As a missionary recently appointed to our New York branch, one of my responsibilities has been determining the “spiritual temperature” of people who have given us their names in the past. This involves making phone calls, introducing myself and initiating...

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